The Hot & Not Of Modern Web Design

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Web design has changed dramatically over the last few years. St. Louis web design specialists have new technologies and trends to create a more efficient website. Some of these trends are worth following while others should be avoided.

In this blog post, we’ll share the trends of modern web design that you should implement in your and which ones you should avoid at all costs.

The Do’s & Don’ts Of Web Design

Things You Should Implement In Your Website


Minimalist design has been on-trend lately. Users are looking for simplicity in their web browsing, so your website should have a simple layout with easy-to-read content that’s user-friendly. This doesn’t mean you can’t show off some of your product creativity and branding, but keep it clean and organized!

Brand Colors

Make sure the colors you pick reflect your brand and help tell a story about it. Don’t just use random colors that don’t make sense or convey anything! Web design specialists will help you choose a color palette for your company to have colors that will match your brand and that you can use in your website.


Make sure to have a strong introduction on all your pages, and never forget to include matching keywords in your content. Make it easy for users to understand what you’re about from the get-go! Plus, don’t forget that you can include links back to any other pages on your site as well.

Things You Shouldn’t Implement In Your Website

Avoid Clutter

We know that you can get excited and want to put everything you think of on your website, like too many pictures, a lot of text, videos, etc. However, it’s best to keep things neat and organized to avoid having too much on a website since it can confuse users. The best you can do is to avoid having a bunch of fonts, colors, photos, or words in one page.

You want users to be able and willing to read your site without getting lost in all the clutter! Having a website that’s filled with many items will also affect your website loading time, which can frustrate users, making them leave your page with a negative experience!

Poor Layout

Make sure to choose a layout that’s easy to read and user-friendly. Keep the important content above the fold so users can easily scroll through your site without clicking on anything else! Also, make sure that your website’s layout is designed to know where to find the information they need.

For example, it will not make sense to include historical information about your company on a page destined to the services you offer; that’s why you should create an “About Us” page.

Have Out-Dated Information

Make sure the information you share is relevant and reflects what your company does in the present time! You need to be updating information frequently. Your website should always be on top of new trends so it will attract modern users.

It would be sad if a customer contacts you to ask for a service you might not offer anymore, but they believe you did because you’re still offering it on your website.

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