What To Consider When Choosing The Number of Pages For Your Website!

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You’re not sure how many pages your website should have. Let us tell you this; it’s completely normal! It can be hard to tell how much is the correct number of pages. But it’s important to make sure that the website has enough pages but not too much; there needs to be a balance. If not, the site’s visitors may become confused and frustrated.

That’s usually the reason why business owners look for a professional service. Most of the time, they are not doing good with their websites. But, with the help of an experienced digital marketing agency, they know for sure that when you have specific factors such as whether you want to do SEO or not, the budget you have available, etc., it’s easier to get the right amount of pages for your website.

In this blog post, you’ll find information about what you should include in your websites and factors that may come into play; keep reading to find out!

3 Pages You MUST Include in Your Website

The ultimate purpose you have is to make visitors feel at home when they go to your site- so here are some recommendations on three pages that should at least be included in a business’ website:


This is the first page visitors will see when they come onto your site. The homepage is usually designed with a catchy headline, a call-to-action button (you don’t want people leaving!), a brief intro of what your business does, and a small description of your products or services.

The homepage will typically include a navigation menu at the top of the page, where visitors can click on links to other pages within your site. These links may be broken into categories or individual product lines, depending on your business line.

About Us Page

This one is important; people want to have a sense of trust and know that they’re working with a reliable company. Therefore it is important that you have this one displayed so visitors can understand why they should hire your services or buy your products.

It should also have a brief paragraph about who you are and what makes your business unique from other companies in your industry – because everyone is trying to do the same thing as you- sell a product or service.

Contact Us Page

Don’t forget about your contact information! Ensure that all of your business’ contact details are displayed, including address, email, and phone number. Visitors who have questions or wish to reach out to you will appreciate having an easy way to get in touch with you.

Is SEO Necessary For My Website?

SEO helps you get traffic from free, organic, and natural search results on search engines like Google. It’s about making your site rank higher for keywords that you want to target.

Many website owners wonder if SEO is something that they need to spend their time and money on. The truth is- they should! SEO is an investment that delivers long-term results no matter if your business is big or small, or if you’re just getting started or have years in the market.

Pro Tip: You can search for your company’s website on Google; if you see that it doesn’t even appear within the first pages in search results, SEO services are a MUST!

Here’s What Would Happen if You Decide to Do SEO!

If you decide to do SEO, you need to have a certain number of pages on your website. But why? Well, if you want Google and other search engines to rank your site higher than the competition, it needs enough content for them to crawl through! In addition to that, when you rank higher for certain keywords, your website is more likely to get clicked on because people are searching for those same terms.

Now, the budget you have is important if you decide to do SEO. You don’t want to spend too much, or your ROI may not be as good. That’s why you need the help of professional experts in the field. So you get an adequate number of pages for your website, and if you want to do SEO, you can rank high in the SERPs, which leads to more traffic, sales, clicks on your website, etc.

The Best Phoenix Web Design Services Are Here For You!

All of these might be a little confusing to you, but don’t worry, we got you covered! We offer the best Phoenix website design services. At Hite Digital Phoenix, with our awesome team of web designers, we can help you have a friendly, top-performing website. We focus on your needs and how we can help you improve the website’s performance with the different factors that may come into play.

Get in touch with us if you have questions or want more information about our services. We’ll gladly hear you and help you in everything we can!



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