4 Tips To Choose The Right Images For Your New Website

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Do you want to make your new website visually appealing? When creating your new website, you might feel like you need guidance to choose the best elements for users to stay longer on your site. One of the most important elements of websites are images – they influence the way users feel when visiting a website. 

All of your website’s elements, such as images, buttons, and design, will impact UX or user experience. The best way to improve your user’s experience on your new website is to merge all aspects of your website into one main aesthetic. 

This blog presents you with 4 tips to find the best images for your new website.

Choose Relevant Images That Match Your Brand’s Identity

When you plan to launch your new website, you should plan to merge your brand’s identity with your website. Images on your site should reflect who you are as a brand and can help you target your audience. Images have an important role in a new website because they can distinguish you from your competitors. 

High-Resolution Images To Improve UX 

First impressions are really important to determine whether a user will continue on your website or leave. Have you ever seen pixelated images on a web page? Do you feel it generates credibility to what you’re being offered? When you are creating a site from scratch, choose high-quality images that transmit trust. Low-quality images will transmit low efforts. 

Each website design is unique, which means your image’s size and weight may vary. 

Choose The Right Image Format 

Choose the right image format based on which platform your users will visit your website. If your website uses a responsive design, you could choose a compressed file type such as JPEG or PNG – don’t select SVGs: they won’t display in mobile browsers and will only cause problems for readers.

Aesthetically Pleasing – Match All Aspects Of Your Website

When choosing images for your website, you want to make sure that all elements are visually appealing. Choose images that match your brands’ website color palette to create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing site. 

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There are many aspects such as your color palette, brand identity and budget to consider when choosing images for your website. Remember to choose images that will best tell your story and make it easy for visitors to find what they need – this will positively impact your clients.

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