Optimizing Google My Business for Local SEO

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Google My Business helps business owners create and manage their company’s online presence. It offers benefits to both the business owner and the customer. The business owner gets an organized, professional profile on Google Maps with information about their location, hours of operation, pictures of their products, and more information about their business.

On the other hand, customers get a quick way to find where businesses are based on what they need – whether a dry cleaner in Portland or a pizza place in Boston. However, many people don’t know that you can optimize your Google My Business profile according to your SEO strategy. In this article, we’ll tell you how you can achieve that!

7 Tips To Optimize Your Google My Business Account To Improve Your Local SEO

You can follow some tips that can help you with your Google My Business optimization and management along with your SEO strategy. These Google My Business SEO tips: verifying your business, filling out your profile, making your information accurate, ensuring NAP consistency, picking relevant categories, including good pictures, and getting more reviews, are useful to work hand in hand with the rest of your SEO strategy to improve the local performance of your business. Let’s take a look at what each tip entails.

1. Verify Your Business

If you haven’t already, the first step is to verify your business. A way to do this is by adding a phone number so Google will send you a four-digit PIN that will make your Google My Business account legitimate. You can also have a postcard sent your way within the next five days of your GMB profile creation.

2. Fill Out Your Profile

While many of the questions are optional, you must provide all relevant information about your business. Every box that you can complete is additional information that may help potential consumers know about you and affirm your legitimacy.

3. Make Your Information Accurate

It’s not enough to fill out your Google My Business profile information. You also must make sure that all of the information is correct and that it remains updated. You wouldn’t want a customer asking for something that your business doesn’t offer anymore, or you wouldn’t want customers to not be able to visit your store because your location is mistaken!

4. Ensure NAP Consistency

It’s not enough to keep your Google My Business profile up to date. You must also ensure that it is in line with all of the major online local directories. The essential aspect of optimizing Google My Business is NAP, which stands for name, address, and phone number. These data should be identical in all locations where they’re displayed.

5. Pick Relevant Categories

While creating a your profile, a business should pick the proper service categories. This function determines whether or not your listing will appear when someone does an organic search. Make sure the most appropriate, up-to-date category is selected for your primary category.

6. Include Good Photos

One of the most important aspects of Google My Business is having pictures, but not just any picture. Photos show Google that your business is legitimate. Photos give the user an inside look at your products and business. To improve rankings, make sure you have great pictures; the higher the quality, the better.

7. Get More Reviews

You may improve your Google My Business profile rank by getting reviews. Keep in mind that your reviews will start showing on search results once you’ve gotten five or above. Google considers both the number of reviews and the average star rating in its algorithms for determining which businesses appear first.

Let Professionals Optimize Your Google My Business Account

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