Meet Zero-Click Search – Your SEO Frenemy

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Have you ever Googled a question, and the answer pops right in front of you without clicking what appeared on the search results? Meet zero-click search. While many users love how search engines answer right away, this can be worrying to some business owners trying to increase their traffic. 

More than 60% of searches in Google are zero-clicked, and the percentage is predicted to continue growing. While this won’t disappear, it is important for business owners and marketers to learn how to cope with this new partner on board.

Learn about SEO worst best friend and how you can cope with it!

Step One: Meeting and Understanding Zero-Click Searching

You might wonder how zero-click searches started and how it affects your current SEO strategy. Our friends at Google provided some insight explaining zero-click searches; they mention that this activity is due to:

  • Quick fact checks
  • Definitions
  • Location or general findings
  • General business information (phone numbers, business hours)   
  • Voice searching tools (Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google home)
  • Most relevant answers
  • App Navigation

Step Two: Break The System

The next step for businesses is to adapt to this search engine update to trick the system and not let zero-click searches win. There are some tips and tricks that can help your website stand out from those zero-click results. Some of the SEO trends in 2022 to help your business include:

Optimizing Your Site

People often use their mobile devices to search for specific things. Most zero-click searches happen on mobile devices. Many websites are not smartphone-friendly and user-friendly, so make sure your website is. 

Adding Schema Markups

Add schema markups to pages and posts that require particular details and information about the website. This includes adding a schema markup for SEO titles, descriptions, and other SEO-related elements on the page.

Unique Content

The creation of high-quality, custom content increases the likelihood of being found in search engines. This includes using SEO-friendly keywords, tags, descriptions, and other SEO tactics to improve SEO rankings.

Prioritizing Local Listings

Having a complete Google My Business page is necessary. This includes adding high-quality information about your business, including hours of operation, location, phone number, and website link. Make sure Google easily indexes the page to ensure SEOs can find it when looking for your business.

Step Three: Choosing The Right Team

As SEO professionals, our team at Hite Digital Boise can help you adjust to zero-click searching and take SEO to the next level. We are up to date with SEO trends 2022 and all the novelties to provide our customers with the best SEO service in Boise, ID.

Our Hite Digital Boise SEO services will help break the system and make your website stand out from the others. Our SEO specialists will help your website have the right updates, content, and features to make all those new trends in your favor. 

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