Balance Web Design & SEO Needs – A Winning War

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Many business owners struggle with deciding which one is more important if it’s web design or SEO, when it comes to how much information you provide on your site. The truth is, both are crucial if you want your site to be successful. 

Good web design will make your site look attractive and easy to use, while good SEO will help you have a higher ranking in search engines and attract more visitors. So how do you balance these two factors?

You should see it this way: think of SEO as the foundation of your website and then build on that foundation with good web design.

How To Make Web Design & SEO Work Together

Keyword Selection

Start by researching what keywords people are searching for related to your business, and then use those keywords throughout your site. You can also use keyword tools to help you find keywords your competitors are using and then incorporate those into your site.


Another way to get your website ranking well in search engines is by linking to other relevant pages on your site. This signals to the search engine that these pages are related and will help them rank higher when people click on those links.

Use Call To Action Messages

Don’t forget to use call-to-action messages throughout your site. This can be as simple as having a button that says “Get Your Free Quote Now” or “Buy Today.” It’s always best if you incorporate this into the design of your website, but it’s also important to include these calls to action in blog posts and articles as well.

Make Your Website Simple

One of the most important things to remember when designing your website is to keep it simple. Too many bells and whistles can distract visitors and will only serve to confuse them. Keep your site design simple and easy to understand, and you’ll be rewarded with more traffic and higher rankings in search engines.

Many people stress out when designing their website because they don’t know how to balance web design and SEO. But, don’t worry! You’ll not have to worry about it so much when you’re designing since, during on-site optimization, you can make changes and adjustments without neglecting your website’s design.

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