5 Ways Content Affects SEO

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Many people don’t quite understand the benefits of SEO and how it works. SEO goes beyond link building, on-site optimization, and ranking keywords. Most disregard that content is vital for this digital marketing service when it’s one of the main keys of a proper SEO strategy. 

To fully comprehend the role content marketing plays in SEO and how much it can help your business grow, let’s take an in-depth look at these five ways content impacts a solid SEO plan. 


Written content used as part of an SEO strategy is better known as content marketing since its direct purpose is to market a service or product. Content marketing works as a subset in inbound marketing because, thanks to each content’s information, people are directed to your website, becoming potential leads. 

Since Google’s algorithms have been developing, now more than ever, content marketing plays a vital role since without it, ranking in search results can be a difficult challenge. 

Google and other search engines can determine good content from repetitive, keyword-stuffed, clickbait, and overall low-quality content. This can affect your website performance in search results and incur poor SEO planning.


To avoid this, you must make sure your content:

  • Is 350 to 400 words
  • Is fresh and unique
  • Answers your searcher’s questions
  • Contains good keyword targeting
  • Posts on pages that are indexed


Google values the content with which you feed your website. It’s highly relevant to create content for the different stages of the funnel.

Visibility: In this stage, informational content is created. This content usually answers frequently asked questions regarding your service or product.

Acquisition: In this stage, your content should be about your service/product directly. You can mention the benefits, the specifics about your business, etc. 

Conversion: When you’re creating content for the conversion stage of the funnel, your content should talk more about what makes you unique and what added values you offer to your customers. 

What also makes content relevant is the keywords you use, which match the type of content you’re creating. 


With the correct content and an effective website, visitors are more drawn to what you have to say and offer. Therefore, you will have more chances of appearing on the first pages of search results.  

Authority is also gained through high-quality backlinks. The more backlinks you get, the more credible and trustful you become to Google, increasing the chance to rank higher in search results. 


Attracting Searchers To Your Services Or Products

Content helps your SEO by leading potential customers to your service pages. This is incredibly helpful to market new products and services digitally. With quality and product-oriented content, you can drive traffic to your landing pages while building brand awareness. 


Content Writing At Hite Digital

At Hite Digital, we offer top-quality content creation for your business. Our digital marketing agency provides all digital marketing services, including SEO. Therefore, our content product is designed with SEO in mind, making it beneficial for your online presence. 



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