The Onboarding Process: Treating Clients Right

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Partnering up with a digital marketing agency can bring feelings of excitement, liberation, stress, and anxiety, just to name a few. Having a smooth and painless onboarding process can make this new transition much better, and at Hite Digital San Francisco, you make sure to do just that! If you are curious about what our onboarding process is like, you came to the right place!

Meet Our Process Step By Step

Once we have agreed to work together and move forward, the next steps are very simple and clear. The process below is specific to our ongoing services such as SEO, PPC, or Facebook ads.

  • Step 1 – Collect Payment
  • Step 2 – Fill out the onboarding questionnaire
  • Step 3 – Obtain access to the website. If you have ran marketing campaigns before then we also require access to any previous ad accounts on Google or FB.
  • Step 4 – We get started on building your marketing campaigns

Completing these steps can be very flexible, they can be done on your own or together with our owner-partner via screen sharing sessions. We make sure that with each step you have the desired transparency and communication.

Let’s Dive Into Detail

To give a quick preview of what each one looks like in more detail you may see below.

The Payment Process

Collecting payment is done via our payment platform used for Hite Digital San Francisco which is Stripe. We make an account for you with your name, address, and phone number and send you an email which contains a secure link to make your payment.

Choosing A Service

The onboarding questionnaire is a link to a form where you will select the services you are signing up for and answer questions specific to your business that will help the team build out the best strategy for your business. This may take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes to fill out.

What We Need From You

Getting access to the website can be done by adding us as an additional user to your CMS or sharing your credentials with us. If you have run marketing campaigns before we would also need access to your ad accounts. These are usually done through screen sharing sessions to facilitate any questions and confirm that we have access.

Let’s Start A Successful Business Relationship

Once we have gotten through all of these steps we can begin building your online marketing campaigns. Ideally these steps take approximately 7 business days to complete. From then on, our digital marketing specialists will start working on a solid, tailor-made strategy according to the service you chose and your line of business.

At Hite Digital San Francisco, we’re excited to get started with you and help you every step of the way to your business growth. Reach out to us, let’s hop on a call, and we’ll be more than glad to clear out all your questions.

Gustavo Tapia

Owner Partner Hite Digital San Francisco

Owner Partner Hite Digital San Francisco. A specialist in Google, Bing, and Facebook Ads who also enjoys the simple things in life. Chilling at home, family time, movies, and traveling can make my day. Always looking forward to helping more businesses grow. 


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