Hite Digital San Francisco Announces Newest Co-Owner: Todd Wall, As They Keep Growing & Expanding

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Hite Digital San Francisco

Hite Digital San Francisco is pleased to announce the addition of Todd Wall as their newest co-owner. The company began with Gustavo Tapia, a former member of Hite Digital International, which helped to develop Hite Digital San Francisco with his expertise and knowledge in digital marketing. Todd comes into the game with more than 30 years of working for companies such as ESPN and the Dallas Cowboys to enhance the services and level of communication offered to clients.

With the combined forces of these two, Hite Digital San Francisco will be able to provide an even greater range of services while keeping up with exceptional customer service. With this new era for the company, they are confident they can continue delivering tailored solutions for each client’s unique needs.

Hite Digital is now ready to take on any digital project from local businesses as a top digital marketing agency in San Francisco. They can highly impact the industry with the skills and strategies Gustavo Tapia, Todd Wall, and their team bring into the digital marketing agency world.

Gustavo Tapia decided to venture into digital marketing franchising by buying, owning, and managing his digital agency in San Francisco. As the company kept growing, he soon realized it was time for a change so he could keep up with the demand for a digital marketing agency in San Francisco. He wanted to ensure the company could offer the best digital campaigns, social media marketing services in San Francisco, CA, logo design, and more.

According to Todd, marketers should be storytellers who can construct their clients as heroes and provide solutions for customers without overwhelming them with choices. That’s why he joined Hite – “our emphasis is on treating customers like humans instead of numbers while making it easier for them to make purchasing decisions,” Todd mentioned.

Hite Digital San Francisco is proud to have such a remarkable team. After spending 30 years working for digital companies such as ESPN and the Dallas Cowboys, Todd has a keen eye for digital marketing. His belief that stories are the key ingredients to connecting an audience to a message aligns perfectly with the company’s culture of serving clients.

Are you looking to enhance your digital presence or logo design in San Francisco, CA? If so, then reach out to Hite Digital and begin the journey of transforming your company. With Hite Digital guidance, you can rest assured that your brand will truly stand out online! Check them out here: https://www.hitedigital.com/san-francisco/

Contacts: Gustavo TapiaTodd Wall
Email: gtapia@hitedigital.com / twall@hitedigital.com

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