Ad World 2021 Will Feature Hite Digital’s CEO and VP of Franchise Development As Speakers. Hite Digital Will Also Be Sponsoring the Q&A Chat Room.

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Ad World is one of the largest online events for digital marketers in the world, and this year, they’re taking their annual conference online. From May 3-5, Ad World will stream speeches, panels, and live Q&A sessions divided into 11+ Digital Advertising Tracks.

Over 50,000 advertisers worldwide will join the event to share knowledge, learn from their peers, and connect. Ad World has created their own custom-built online platform to stream sessions from 100+ speakers to attendees over the 3 days of the conference. Sessions will be pre-recorded.

This year (2021), 2 of the speakers will come from the leading digital marketing agency Hite Digital. With 6 locations across the United States and headquarters in Latin America, Hite is an innovative agency focused on scaling other agencies through white label, and more recently, a new franchise model.

CEO JC Hite and VP of Franchise Development Jeff Zelaya will both speak at Ad World. JC’s session, called “Will Small Agencies Survey the Next 5 Years? Trusted Strategies to Future Proof Your Business,” will discuss how applying a franchise model could change the game for small agency owners, from strategy and quality to legal and operations. JC founded Hite Digital after working at a top PPC agency and has scaled it to 80+ employees and 6 locations in just 3 years.

Jeff, meanwhile, will lead a session called “Ad Sales 101,” which will cover sales strategies from finding accounts to personalize your outreach, creating a presentation, and closing the deal. Jeff has a decade of experience in sales and marketing, including many years as a Sales Director at different companies.

Aside from these sessions, Hite Digital is also sponsoring Ad World’s Q&A Chat Room. Most sessions include a Q&A at the end where speakers can address attendees’ questions and start conversations. Hite joins other Ad World sponsors, including TikTok, Unbounce, and Shopify.

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