Hite Digital Portland, Oregon – The Growth You’ve Been Looking For Your Company

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Hite Digital Portland, Oregon

164 SE G St. 

Grants Pass, Oregon 

United States, 97526

(800) 955 9373


Grants Pass, Oregon – Hite Digital Portland, Oregon, is a digital marketing agency whose vision is to help businesses achieve measurable, meaningful ROI through online marketing. 

Travis and Josh, founders of Moving Mountains, were two SEO specialists seeking new ways to improve their digital marketing strategies for their clients in Portland, Oregon. They created projects like The Idea Distillery and The Hivve to inform about the importance of innovation to market companies. 

Despite doing those amazing projects with Moving Mountains, they wanted something bigger. This year they discovered Hite Digital and their unique way to help marketing agencies grow and provide a better service to their clients. This was when Hite Digital Portland, Oregon, was born. 

Merging with Hite Digital would help them expand their team and digital marketing opportunities with the goal of giving the best services to their clients.

“We’re really excited about taking the opportunity to be a part of the Hite Digital Family. Expanding our team from a small business into a team over 120+ feels amazing.“ – Travis Causey.

Hite Digital Portland, Oregon, provides a unique opportunity to help marketing agencies expand their services. They provide better-quality services and give better results to clients with their marketing specialists in PPC, Facebook Ads, Web Design, Branding & Logo, and SEO services in Oregon.

The Hite Digital team truly engages and puts its 3 pillars into practice by building unique relationships with clients, providing excellent services, and helping their clients grow. Implementing these practices has positioned Hite Digital as one of the best digital marketing companies to work with.  

Hite Digital was founded in 2017 by JC Hite, a digital marketing specialist who wanted to provide more value than other digital marketing agencies. His passion and determination have helped build a digital marketing agency like no other. In just 4 years, Hite went from a small room of 4 people to a family of more than 150 team members.

Like Travis and Josh, many marketers seek ways to improve and maximize their services to their clients. Through Hite Digital, they can provide small marketing agencies the opportunity to expand and improve their services.

The Hite Digital tight-knit team continues to explore opportunities in pursuit of the goal of improving people’s lives by improving businesses. Your digital marketing in Portland, Oregon, experience can go above and beyond with Hite Digital Oregon. Learn more about their digital marketing services that would guarantee results!

Travis Causey and Joshua Fairhurst


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