Hite Digital Dallas Owner, Tatiana Chamorro, Shares Her Tips for Personal & Professional Success

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Hite Digital Dallas

Tatiana Chamorro is a Latina marketing extraordinaire who knows about goal setting and achieving success. She is also the owner of Hite Digital Dallas, an Inc.5000 digital marketing agency.

Together with her many years of experience as a digital marketer and successful business owner, Tatiana is also a wife and mother of 2 beautiful kids. She has excelled in her life in both of these aspects, being able to be a loving and caring mom and wife while at the same time leading Hite Digital Dallas to success, helping their customers improve their online presence, and increasing leads.

As a business owner, Tatiana leads Hite Digital Dallas, a successful digital marketing agency offering a wide variety of services, such as SEO, PPC, Web Design, Facebook Ads, Branding and Logo Design, and CRM, to help businesses thrive in many aspects of their online presence.

Also, she has been recognized for her hard work, dedication, and service to others with awards such as “Young Professional of the Year 2021” by the AAF of Dallas, as well as being named among the Top 20 Women in Advertising by the American Advertising Federation of Dallas in 2022.

Tatiana was recently invited as a guest speaker on the Virtual Six-Figure Mom Podcast, in which she gave advice and tips, from her experience, for moms who want to set personal and family goals and stay on track, keeping your WHY top of mind, different methods of planning (besides the hard copy planners), and balance.

As part of the biggest takeaways she mentioned in the interview, Tatiana suggests recognizing with ease and without passing judgment on yourself the season you are going through in your life at a particular moment, “we go through it, but it doesn’t always mean that we’re okay through it. It’s stressful, it’s tiring, it’s exciting at the same time, and sometimes we feel like we’re stuck.”

Involving her family and building a vision for herself and her loved ones has also helped Tatiana to stay focused and grounded on her resolve for every aspect of her life, “There are different parts in my journey where I have felt different ways, but I think it’s important to reconnect with why you’re doing it and where you’re going by doing what you’re doing at that moment.”

Regarding balance, Tatiana believes that “balance is something you need to make” since you are not going to be in the same place twice in your life, which means your balance is going to look different, and “if you don’t intentionally make decisions to balance the things that matter to you, balance will not exist.”

As a working mom, Tatiana understands the importance of time management, setting goals and staying on track, and achieving balance in her life. If you’re looking for tips and advice from a successful woman, business owner, and working mother, check out her recent appearance on the Virtual Six-Figure Mom Podcast. And for help with online marketing or to improve your website’s presence, contact Hite Digital Dallas today.

Contact: Tatiana Chamorro

Email: tchamorro@hitedigital.com

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