Hite Digital Becomes The Largest StoryBrand Certified Agency

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Hite Digital

102 Creekwood Drive

Searcy, Arkansas

72143, USA

Phone: (501) 263-0330


Hite Digital is a digital marketing agency that provides branding, web design, SEO, PPC, and many other digital marketing solutions to multiple businesses in different industries. Since its beginnings in 2017, Hite Digital has had a solid mission to empower people to reach their goals. The company is based on 3 important pillars:

  • Family
  • Excellence
  • Growth

As part of its excellence pillar, they constantly look for ways to provide its team members with new opportunities for self-development and individual learning. Thanks to this, they can understand what it takes to impact the market and use their knowledge to offer the best solutions to help companies reach their goals. Completing a StoryBrand Certification is one of the most important steps Hite Digital has taken up until now as part of its commitment to excellence and growth.

The StoryBrand process is a proven solution to business leaders’ struggles when talking about their companies. This popular tool improves a business’ marketing strategy by clarifying its message. The objective of the StoryBrand Framework is for companies to communicate immediate value, connect with their ideal customers, and grow their business through written content and messages.

StoryBrand stands out as a unique and effective marketing, advertising, and branding approach. Its simplicity allows it to be versatile; businesses can apply it to customer-facing materials and use it internally to create outstanding customer experiences. This innovative focus on customer-centeredness empowers users with clarity and gives businesses a proven formula for success. It is no wonder that StoryBrand is gaining popularity as an all-encompassing solution to modern-day marketing needs.

Founder and CEO of Hite Digital, JC Hite, was thrilled about transforming Hite into the world’s largest Story Brand Certified company. “This certification has given our team members a new tool to transform how we talk about who we are, what we do, and the unique value we bring to our customers. This is just the beginning of amazing projects we have prepared.” he expressed through his social media.

Twenty leadership members from the Creative, Growth, Content, Marketing, SEO, and Opportunity Generation departments received their StoryBrand certification on December 2022 after an intensive 2-day training session led by StoryBrand expert and trainer April Sunshine Hawkins.

Hite Digital wants to help you succeed in your business goals and will work tirelessly to ensure that happens. As a StoryBrand Certified Agency, they help you clarify your message, connect with your audience, and create lasting results. If you’re interested in learning more about what they do or need help with your digital marketing, you can

Contact: JC Hite

Email: info@hitedigital.com

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