PPC Campaigns: How They Can Go Wrong & How To Fix Them

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Many businesses have jumped on the opportunity to advertise their products through social media platforms. Advertising is important because it helps spread awareness about a company’s product or service and makes it easier for people to find them in search engines. One of the most popular ways to advertise on social media is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. 

Pay per click in Portland allows you to purchase sponsored ads that get placed at the top or side of a search engine results page. Thus, your business can be seen by more people who are looking for something similar to what you offer. But when you’re a beginner in PPC, it is pretty common to make mistakes. 

That’s why we have created this blog post with 3 common mistakes when creating PPC campaigns and how to solve them.

Warning: 3 Different Ways How PPC Can Go Wrong

1 – Too Many Keywords

It might be tempting to include every keyword that might come to your mind relevant to your company. After all, more traffic is supposed to help you convert faster and at a higher rate, right? This is a beginner’s mistake that most new PPC account managers make.

How can you solve it? When you create your advertising and ad groups, it’s key to target different consumers at various phases of the purchase process. You can add negative keywords to prevent your ad from showing when searchers perform a specific search relevant to your area of expertise.

The three primary methods for Google to match keywords are:

  • Exact Match: matching a keyword word by word, making no changes to the sequence
  • Broad Match: it includes similar terms, like synonyms and misspellings
  • Phrase Match: queries where your keyword appears as is within a larger query

2 – Low Impressions

The most frequent PPC advertising mistakes are ads or ad groups that aren’t tracked by an impression share metric. When doing a PPC campaign, you’ll need at least one ad group with one ad targeting and at least one keyword.

If you bid high enough, your ad could appear on any number of searches depending on the keyword match type you choose. The impression share reveals the total number of times your ad has been seen, as a proportion of the potential amount of times it could have been seen.

Low impressions can happen for various reasons. For example, your budget is lower than ideal, your ad rank is not high enough, or you’re not bidding enough. But, how can you solve it? In terms of PPC optimization, impressions are one of the first things to look at. If your impression share is too low, follow these steps to increase it:

  • Increase your budget: To find a balance, try out various bids and budgets.
  • Adjust your bids: Budgets can be increased and decreased based on a variety of factors, including the time of day, where your users are located, the sort of device they’re using, and many more
  • Revisit keyword match types: The key thing to keep in mind while experimenting with various keyword match types is conversion and click-through rates

3 – Poorly Structured Account

When your account lacks a defined and transparent structure, it’s difficult for Google Ads to live up to expectations. Every level of your account affects both quality score and personal segmentation capability.

What can you do to improve this? The following are ways you can improve the structure of your account:

  • Set objectives: Before diving into a campaign, it’s a good idea to have an objective in mind
  • Divide ads groups by offering: Divide ad groups based on the value proposition they offer to your target audience
  • Match ad groups to search intent: Each ad group you create should be designed to reach a specific group of people based on their motives for looking for something


Get Successful PPC Campaigns With The Help Of Professionals!

PPC campaigns are difficult and require deep knowledge of how search engines work, what keywords people use when searching online, and other topics that can be challenging if you’re not an expert in this field. So, if you’re looking for a professional Portland pay-per-click company, Hite Digital Portland, Maine, is here! 

We specialize in making successful PPC campaigns for our clients. With the help of our team’s expertise, digital marketing strategy and advertising platforms, you can rest assured that you’ll attract more customers than ever before! Interested?



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