PPC Basics Part 2: How To Develop a PPC Strategy

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In our previous blog, we went over PPC basics part 1 and covered many terms that may sound very confusing, especially if you’re getting started in the PPC world. Therefore, to keep touching base we come with part two to explain how to build a PPC strategy from scratch.  

Setting goals while taking all your business internal and external elements into consideration will result in a successful PPC campaign. Here are the 4 steps to developing a PPC strategy:

The Process


1. Set Goals and Objectives For Your Strategy

To get started, you will need to identify your goals and objectives for PPC advertising. Start by defining your business needs: do you want to increase sales, or acquire new customers? Before launching your campaign, your objective should be clear. Every PPC campaign starts with research and planning to prevent running ads that are giving no returns. 

2. Extensive Research 

Who are your target customers? What are they looking for? Researching before launching your campaign will help you understand your audience and how they react to different types of PPC advertising. You can use different tools to determine your target audience, such as Google Analytics. Keywords are how you will reach new customers on PPC advertising, so it’s important that they are frequently searched by people who would be interested in your business or product. 

3. Use the Right Tools To Reach Your Customers

All PPC campaigns focus on having maximum ROI. In order to achieve that, your campaign must use the right tools to reach your customers. In simple words,extensive keyword analysis will contribute to the success of your campaign. Creating an order and structure for your keywords is vital to create relevant ads. Using the right keywords and creating a budget will help prevent spending in overadvertising. 

4. Tracking your Strategy – Conversion & Measurement 

After you’ve done your research on the right keywords, and implemented different strategies, you must track the conversion rates. Depending on what your goal is, this percentage will determine the success of the campaign. For example, a conversion rate could be a customer buying from your website, completing a form, requesting a quote, or any other action.

How to calculate a conversion rate: 

Max CPC = (profit per customer) * (1 – profit margin) * (website conversion rate)

5. Quality Control and Data Analysis

Monitoring the performance of your ads contributes valuable insights. This is a way of ensuring that your campaign aligns with your target audience. These reports will indicate what will work for your campaign. 

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