Ad Extensions: The Key For Paid Search Ads Optimization

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Ad Extensions are a key component in paid search ads optimization and can help you achieve your goals. However, this can be a pretty complex topic. If you’re here to learn all about ad extensions, how they work, where to use them, and their role in paid search ads optimization, you’re at the right place.

Knowledge is power, and in the digital era, you have it one click away. Let’s go through the basics together!

Ad Extensions

What Are They?

Ad Extensions are extra pieces of information that can be added to your paid search ads. That way, they enhance the original ad and provide more data ( like an address, phone number, store rating, or more webpage links) for users who may be interested in clicking on them.

How Do Ad Extensions Work?

Ad Extensions are added to your ad groups with the main purpose of enhancing their visibility. Basically, you just have to create an ad group for each of the extensions you want. Then, choose which ones will be added automatically and then set your bids accordingly.

Where Do I Use Them?

You can use ad extensions across all major channels: desktop display campaigns, mobile campaigns, video campaigns, and shopping campaigns.

The Role They Play In Paid Search Ads Optimization

Google Ad Extensions play a significant role in paid search ads optimization. They help you create relevant and engaging ads that align with your customer’s needs, interests and intent and consequently increase click-through rate (CTR).

This way, you can know the audience viewing your ads and how they are interacting with them better. You will also be able to optimize these extensions for both branding purposes as well as conversions.

Enhance Your Ad Extensions

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