Part 2: PPC Hacks That Will Help Your Campaigns Skyrocket

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Developing a successful PPC campaign is no easy task, but implementing these tips will help you develop a solid foundation.

Keep the following tips in mind to start creating more successful campaigns:

Write Appealing Ad Copy

No matter how well-thought-out your campaign strategy might be, it will not work if your ad copy is not engaging.

 If your messages lack appeal, you may find it difficult to get your ad to stand out among your competitors. Bland ad copy will fail to drive high CTR’s while maintaining good conversion rates, or worst case scenario, will fail to generate any traffic at all.

It’s very common to perform a search and have all the ad results look like duplicates. Everyone seems to be using the same headline and it becomes repetitive and boring. Even if generic ad copy works well enough, you are selling yourself short and your ads likely aren’t living up to their full potential.

To ensure your ads stand out, keep the following essentials in mind:

Appeal to emotion

As mentioned above, you MUST stand out from your competitors and other ads in order to have effective results, and this can only be achieved through unique ad copy–ideally, something with emotional triggers.

You must test the different strategies in your ad content, such as your unique selling proposition and your offer’s promotions, not just punctuation.

If you can create ads that resonate with users both mentally (because the user is actively searching for a solution to their problem) and emotionally (using how they feel about their problem to appeal to them) your CTR and conversion rates will go through the roof. 

Outsmart Your Competitors’ Ads

Before you start working on your ad copy, you need to research and analyze your competitors’ ads. This will not only help you identify the strategies applied by top-performing competitors with high ad rank, but also help you avoid phrases or content that will undermine the effectiveness of your ads.

For example, in the image below, 2 of the ads display prices, and there is a marked difference between the prices. Evaluate whether including your price makes more sense in context. Perhaps your product offers better quality, hence the higher price, but if so, consider not using your price point as the primary selling point. Focus on the quality and specifics of your services or product to draw users in first. 

Mobile-Friendly Pages

By 2019, mobile advertising is expected to represent 72 percent of all U.S. digital ad spending (MarketingLand, 2018). 

This stat alone should be enough to motivate you to up your mobile strategy game. The amount of time and value users give to their smartphones nowadays is unmatchable. Mobile intent is higher; people are on the go and have a need to fulfill on the spot. If you aren’t aggressively working on your mobile strategy, you are very likely missing out on more than half of your chances to convert. 

The call to action button reduces the steps in the funnel: instead of having to click into your website to obtain your contact information, users can call you directly from the ad. Considering how “on the go” trends are now, and how little patience users have in obtaining what they want, this is great leverage for these devices.

Based on your demand, it’s usually worth having separate campaigns for PCs and smartphones. This way you can tailor strategies specifically to the engagement each platform provides.

But the most important step is to ensure your website (or at least your PPC landing page) is mobile-friendly, so that all the traffic you direct can engage properly with your content. This includes–but is not limited to–ensuring video and image availability, clickability, page load speed and user intuition.

Be Ready To Succeed

Keeping all these tips in mind when developing your PPC campaigns will help you turn a solid campaign into a complete success. Small adjustments and considerations, built on a firm foundation of PPC strategies, can make all the difference in your campaign and your results.

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  1. Carlos B. Rojas Sr

    Excellent advice .
    I only have about 30 plus years in advertising , it was excellent to see someone finally advice folks to appeal to emotion .
    Emotion sells !

    Agency website TBA

    Investor in company below


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