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HITE CRM, an AI-powered
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That helps you increase your marketing team productivity and attract more customers.

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Capture, follow-up, and close leads more efficiently by setting up all your funnel on one platform and dashboard.

Get Leads

Create Drag & Drop Forms to capture new leads. You can integrate directly with our page builder or embed them on your own sites.

Work Your Leads

Communicate with your leads through SMS, email and calls in one single place with omnichannelity.

Close Leads

Once you’ve won a lead, you’re not done! You can schedule appointments, get paid, and more.

Your CRM Made Your Way

HITE CRM makes it easy to build engaging landing pages, effective surveys, and engaging forms for your customers.

Landing Pages

Engage and convert more users by creating full landing pages inside our easy-to-use platform.

Surveys and Forms

Capture submissions through a survey or form on the page you’ve built through our CRM or on your own page.

Online Appointments

Request and schedule appointments on our platform through our custom scheduling application.


The 7 solutions

With Hite Digital Dallas’ CRM and our 7 pre-build solutions, you can increase your marketing team productivity and attract more customers starting from day ONE.

The 7 solutions your need!

Solution #1

Nurture & Follow up


This is a sequence that allows you to nurture your recently opted in leads or follow up with leads who went unresponsive after initial communication.

What’s Included?

This Solution includes 3 versions of the sequence, one that includes email, SMS and voicemails. The other 2 versions include SMS-voicemail and the last one only SMS.

Solution #2

Booking Tool – Confirmation + Reminders


Use this booking tool to provide your leads a way to book appointments with you and your business. Also take advantage of the reminders to avoid no-shows.

What’s Included?

It includes a calendar widget plus a sequence that starts with a confirmation message and continues with reminders prior to the appointment. All of these messages could include SMS and emails.

Woman searching on a website
Solution #3

Internal Notifications for New Leads


You won’t miss another lead again, this automation will send you notifications once a new lead has opted in or fill out a Facebook form in one of your ads.

What’s Included?

It includes a sequence of internal notifications (SMS or email) triggered once a form has been completed.

Solution #4

Missed Call Text-Back


When you miss a call your leads won’t be left unattended. This solution will contact them right away to open a channel of communication while you get a chance to get back to them.

What’s Included?

It is a workflow that will send an SMS to the lead and another one to you or your team notifying the missed call.

Solution #5

Reactivation Campaign


Reach out to an existing list or existing clients to offer a promotion or new service.

What’s Included?

This is a workflow that will send 2 different attempts to present the offer/promotion and will take different actions based on the lead’s response.

Solution #6

Website Widget


This tool will provide you with a customizable widget for your website that could be used as an entry point for leads asking for more information or a request to be contacted.

What’s Included?

This includes the widget and an automation that will notify you when a lead uses the widget.

Solution #7

Reputation GMB reviews


Automatically send a GMB review request after you complete a service for a lead.

What’s Included?

This is a workflow that will send a review request based on triggers that you define.

Let Your Customers Come To You

HITE CRM allows leads to book their appointments directly through your website at the best time for them, without any human interaction.

We know you’re busy, so our artificial intelligence and machine learning features manage the conversation with your customer for you.

Jump directly into an automatically-scheduled call to do your magic and convert your prospect into a loyal customer.

Bring More Revenue to Your Business

Never Miss a Lead

You won’t miss out on any opportunity. We keep track of your leads and their stage in the sales funnel.

Collect Payments Easily

No need to take payments over the phone. Create sales funnels that directly integrate with Stripe.

Focus on the Right Leads

Choose only the best opportunities. Control your revenue with our Analytics tools and Reports.

Sell and Grow More Easily

All of your marketing and sales in one place. Save money and stop keeping track of so many applications and do everything in HITE CRM.


Answer your lead anytime and anywhere with our convenient mobile app.

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Marketing agencies


PPC agencies


SEO agencies


Facebook agencies


Law firms






Web designers

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Your goal (and ours) is to get you more clients and more revenue. That’s why Hite doesn’t just give you the platform and let you run with it. We’ll give you the guidance and training to succeed.

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We can import your information from other marketing tools easily within our platform.

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We help you get set up inside our CRM so you’re ready to capture leads right away.

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We’re available to answer any questions at any time. We want to see your business succeed.

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