Improve Your Clients Organic Presence with Our White-label seo program

Hite Digital is the perfect match to start up, scale or expand your digital marketing agency.

Expand your agency’s scope by adding SEO to your list of services and deliver the highest value to your clients with the help of Hite Digital.

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An icon representing Hite Digital's no contract approach

No Contracts

We let our work keep you around, not a contract. We don’t believe in tying down clients period!

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Partner Learning Platform

Join The Digital Agency Hacker, an incredible community built to help enable our partners to scale

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Bi-Weekly Updates

Keep track of the progress of each of your accounts and forward updates easily to the end client. 

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A Full-Range of Digital Marketing Services

With Pay Per Click, Facebook Ads & Web in Design in our offerings, you can come to us for anything you need.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Do you provide White Label Reporting?
Absolutely! Our white label reports will be delivered by the 10th of every month for each end client and typically by the 5th.
Will the client ever be able to see us?
Your clients will never know we exist. We do this by using umbrella accounts and white label emails. The only exception is when our partners would like us to assist in helping them sell a huge client at which point, we are simply, that agencies “product guys.”
Is there a minimum number of clients an agency needs before we partner?
No, we work with partners from 1 man shows to hundreds of clients.
Does Hite Digital accept all partners?
Absolutely not. We are very focused on only partnering with the best, not be be confused with biggest. Our partners are hiring us for product, but we are also hiring our partners for sales (in theory) so we are really looking for partners that sell to the right clients, set the right expectations and service them well enabling us to have long term relationships with each of our clients

Our Partner Learning Platform

The Digital Agency Hacker

  • Great Online Learning Platform
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Monthly Box Subscription

Only 4 spots available per state!

Photo of JC Hite. Partnership Director at Hite Digital
Photo of JC Hite. Partnership Director at Hite Digital

The White Label
Partnership Program!

Hite Digital’s partnership program is built to help U.S. agencies scale without the added overhead costs. With this partnership, we enable the ability for agencies to join hands and work together using their individual strengths to empower clients.


With this Partnership, you will receive a few key things:

  • A Robust Suite Of Marketing Solutions
  • A Dedicated Digital Media Consultant
  • Discounts on Packages
  • 50% Off Setup Fees
  • Assets to Help You Sell
  • White Labeled Reporting
  • Tracking Verified Results

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Let's Work Together!

There’s a good chance we can help. We have grown hundreds of businesses of all sizes using our expertise, unique methods, and tools.