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Matt Pliskin

Co. Owner Hite Digital Agency Hub

Matt Pliskin is born and raised in NJ, and graduated from Rowan University in beautiful Southern Jersey. Matt has been a sales professional and entrepreneur since graduating and has a passion for Digital Marketing. Along with being married to his supportive wife Renee, Matt has 3 children who are proud to call him Dad (Avery, Maximus and Sloane).

Matt’s motto is, if you work hard and are nice to people, you will succeed. So come succeed with Matt and Hite Digital New Jersey where we put our clients first and do what it takes to better their presence online!

Lucy Leiva

Business Development Manager

I was born and raised in Managua, Nicaragua however lived many years in southeastern Wisconsin. I earned my Bachelor of Science Degree in Agricultural Engineering from a top local Nicaraguan university in 2006. Im a mother of 19 year old daughter and 12 year old son.

I started on my journey on the Digital World in April of 2011 but in this span of time, I have really been able to grow significantly. I am Google AdWords Qualified and Microsoft Advertising Accredited and use the knowledge obtained via these accreditations to best perform my duties.

Our Methodology

Proven methodology and system that works for both parties.

Consultative Approach

Once our customers join our agency, we set up weekly or biweekly meetings depending on the client’s needs where we focus not only on the marketing, but the Sales Funnel as a whole.

The Right Clients

Step #1 before clients sign up with us, is to see if we can help serve them. We take a lot of pride in our audits where we make sure we can not only take care of the client, but give them a profit and help them grow.

ROI Driven

At the end of the day, most business are in to make money. We take this very seriously and do everything in our power to go above and beyond to make sure we are giving our clients the largest margins possible.

No Contracts

We are relational in how we do business and don’t believe in tying down clients the clients we have are with us because they love the way we do business, our affordable rates and amazing team members.

Special Pricing

Our experience with businesses has allowed us to become experts in the Digital Marketing world for various industries, knowledge we want to share with you and any SMB out there.

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Built out of a passion for: Small to Midsize Business

The Hites is a blog that is dedicated to help small businesses grow and is focused on the Sales Funnel as a whole from lead generation, to the perfect proposal, to closing the sale. Through this site they produce content, recommend different technologies to help with the sales funnel and also offer consulting to a select few companies.

Want Ideas on Generating Sales?

Services we Provide

We offer experienced and effective pay-per-click, SEO, social media management services so you can quickly and easily get more customers and more website visitors.


Leverage Google AdWords to grow your reach and get your message in front of the people who are searching for your products or services.


Is your site on that first page? Search engine optimization (SEO) is a method of getting your website to rank higher in search engines.

Facebook Marketing

Real and measurable results – Faster than nearly any other marketing technique, We put your company in front of your customer.

Web Design

Our team of experts research, analyze, and craft strategic recommendations that will enable you to accomplish your business goals.

Let's Work Together!

There’s a good chance we can help. We have grown hundreds of businesses of all sizes using our expertise, unique methods, and tools.

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