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There are many opportunities that are provided through the use of custom audiences in Facebook and if utilized the right way it will help you succeed in reaching your goals with your Facebook campaigns. Many people forget to use custom audiences in their setup of FB campaigns or do not use them the right way. A similar mistake I see is that people forget to use custom audiences as exclusions. Most people only use custom audiences for website visitors.

In today’s post, I will talk about the use of custom audiences in remarketing campaigns, uploading customer lists, custom audiences on lead forms, how to create lookalike (LAA) audiences, and tips on how to best incorporate them into your campaigns.

Custom Audiences in Remarketing Campaigns

A custom audience based on data from your website is one of the most common scenarios for digital marketers when creating a remarketing campaign. The first list (and sometimes the only one used) is labeled as a “All Website Visitors” list. This list is meant to capture your highest audience because you are not excluding people who completed any sort of action on your site. You are targeting everybody who visited it.

The second list you will want to create is a custom audience for leads. One basic example for a lead is anyone who completed a contact form on your website. Since those users go to a “thank you” page, the FB pixel will capture only those users that loaded that page. Now, a quick tip that is essential for all of the FB ad sets: when you create a custom audience for leads, you must remember to include this list as an exclusion for all of your cold traffic ad sets. Why is this? Because this will enhance your user experience by not displaying your FB ad to the same user that already converted. Granted, this is not forever, the amount of time the user will not see the ad is determined by the amount of days you determined to be your cap, after that the user will be removed from that list. For website traffic the maximum time is 180 days that a user can be included in a list.

Another recommendation is to create custom audiences for website traffic on pages that are top converters. This can be applied to a general services page or a specific service page that is not the home page. This list will allow you to create a specific ad set to target users who visited that specific page and create a custom ad for them.

Customer Lists

Customer lists are perfect when targeting your ideal customer but just make sure the list is big enough. Utilizing lists that are below 500 will have difficulty delivering impressions and your frequency will be through the roof. FB offers several mapping labels such as name, phone number, email, etc. Customer lists tend to have a cost per lead that is cheaper since these are people who are in the market for your product/service.

Custom Audiences for Lead Forms

Custom audiences for lead forms are super essential to create new ad sets based on the users interactions. As you may know, lead forms are a type of campaign objective where FB users are given the option to fill out a form instead of going to the website. This is a much simpler interaction and tends to produce leads quicker.

When creating your custom audience for lead forms, you have the following three options:

  • People who opened the form
  • People who opened but did not submit the form
  • People who submitted the form.

After you have completed the custom audience, you may create an ad set that excludes form submissions but that target people who opened the form and did not submit their info.

Lookalike audiences (LAA)

Lookalike audiences (LAA) are an excellent way to expand your reach by targeting users who are similar to a custom audience list you have already created. FB gives you the option to choose how big of a LAA you want, the percentages are between 1% to 10%. I typically stick to 1% and 3%.

A quick tip for this custom audience that works great is when you have your Lead Audience. Creating a LAA audience based on leads will make FB look for users who are similar to those that have already converted. A LAA can be created for any custom audience that you already have on file.

Test Out Custom Audiences On Your Campaigns


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FB recently updated their dashboard when choosing the type of custom audience you want to create. You have the option to pick your source, meaning you want to create a list based on something external from FB such as your website, a customer file, offline activity, or app activity. The second option is to choose FB sources which includes video, instagram business profile, lead forms, events, instant experiences, and FB page.

Always analyze your situation and take into account the tools you may be using. Did you know you can create a list for people who have interacted with your page? Same thing with your instagram profile. Also, do you have cool videos that you are advertising on FB? How about creating a list for people who watched at least 3 seconds of your video? Maybe that will help you to create better videos and remarket to those users. Or how about a list that targets people who watched at least 95% but didn’t convert? I’m sure a small remarketing campaign would do the trick.

As you can see, there are many uses to FB custom audiences and they can definitely enhance your campaigns performance. What are some of your past experiences with FB custom audiences? Please share in the comments.



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