Chiropractors: Get Clients In Just 3 Facebook Video Ads

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Marketing For Chiropractors

Digital marketing can be a powerful tool for chiropractors to find more clients, especially if word of mouth just isn’t cutting it anymore. At Hite Digital, we recommend a combination of SEO, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads to bring you the best results as a chiropractor, and we’ll cover specific strategies we use for each one in this 3-part series — starting with Facebook Ads.

A Little Bit About Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are paid ads that appear on Facebook’s platform, and these can be a combination of text and image/video. Facebook is known for its extremely specific targeting, meaning that among millions of users, your ads can reach the ideal patient who’s most likely to need or want a chiropractor.

But even with Facebook’s targeting capabilities, you often can’t book new customers with just one ad. So we devised a strategy to narrow down possible patients through a “Cold,” “Warm” and “Hot” audience targeting, using 3 video Facebook Ads.

A 3-Video Strategy For Chiropractors

1. Cold Audience

We start with a video ad targeting an audience that we define, using the information we know about the industry and information you’ve given us about your business and your patients. These might be location, demographics, interests, etc. For example, we may choose to target a higher age range that’s more likely to suffer from health problems or only target users in your city.

Through the video, we try to get them interested in your services with something attention-grabbing. Since this is a cold audience, they’ve likely never heard of you and they’re probably not actively thinking about going to see a chiropractor right now.

2. Warm Audience

Once we’ve launched the first ad, we would track the audience that we reached with the ad and determine who watched 25-30% of the video. That would become our warm audience since we can see they were interested enough to watch a significant portion of the ad.

We would then create a second video and show it to this warm audience. This ad would probably have educational content so the audience learns more about chiropractors and how your services benefit their health. The content of the video will depend on your goal, however, so we can adjust the message of it accordingly.

3. Hot Audience

Once we’ve launched the second ad and are tracking our smaller, warm audience, we can analyze who interacts the most with this ad. Who’s watching it, liking it, commenting, sharing? They would become our hot audience. They’re close to converting since they are interested enough in the topic (and your services) to engage more with the ad.

At this point, we would create a third ad to use on our hot audience. In this ad, we make them an offer, such as a discount, that can entice them to try your services. Making the offer time-sensitive also helps convert people faster.

By using the 3 video ads, we can effectively determine your ideal patient and draw them in through brand awareness, informational content, and a special offer. And since we’ve filtered them through 3 ads, we’re able to give you leads that are more likely to convert and book an appointment with you.


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