3 Savvy Tips to Make Sure Your Facebook Ad Campaign is Ready!

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Making sure you got everything prepared regarding your Facebook Ad campaigns no matter the season is important. You probably think you have everything planned out, but double-checking is never a bad idea.

At Hite Digital Phoenix, we often get new clients that used to prepare their Facebook Ad Campaigns, but they never double-checked before going live, and that’s when things don’t go as planned or as they expected.

In this blog post, we’ll let you know 3 tips on things that need to be done before going live with your Ad campaign, so you can make sure you have this done and ready to launch.

Facebook Ad Campaign Check-List

1) Make Sure Your Product or Services Catalog is Up to Date:

Make sure everyone planning on doing some Facebook shopping knows what you will be offering and how much it costs. Make sure your account is ready to rock your possible customers’ needs and expectations; something that will help you with this is a Commerce Manager account. You can log in and set up everything fast.

If you already have an account or are about to create one, you can update what you’re offering there and put prices and images if needed.

Finally, we recommend that you think of all the questions the possible customers might have: do I get free shipping, when does my order need to be in by, etc., so that you can answer them.

2) Check Your Goals, Objectives and Special Offers

Double-check your goals and objectives so you’re clear of what you want to get out of your Ad campaign. This will help you measure results at the end of your campaign.

Also, you must share offers at different stages than providing all of them at the same time. You may wonder why, well, sharing offers at different stages will allow you to keep your target audience engaged. If you do it all simultaneously, they probably check your products or services and nothing more. Keep in mind that you don’t always have to offer discounts, you could offer free delivery for instance.

Remember that these are just some guidelines when planning out your ad campaigns for the season. Every company is different, so use what works best for yours.


3) Optimize your Your Website Before Launching Your Facebook Campaign

Last but not least, optimizing your page is very much needed. Nowadays, users want everything quickly because they don’t have too much time. And something very important is that  they will access your page from their mobile devices, so your page must work as well as it works on a desktop.

If your site loads quickly, then you’re ensuring that users can quickly access what you want to show them, and it’ll be less likely they’ll leave without making a purchase.

There are plenty of pages that test websites’ speed. You can run a test and analyze your page by adding the URL in the search box. This will help you know the speed your page has when loading and its performance on mobile devices.

Hite Digital Phoenix Provides the Best Facebook Ad Services!

Planning a Facebook Ad Campaign is very challenging, let alone talk about a whole year planning. You have to be detail-oriented and with a picky eye to make sure everything is ready to run. Hite Digital Phoenix can help you out with your Facebook Ad Campaigns all year long!

At our Phoenix, AZ, Facebook marketing agency, we assure you that we’ll prepare everything, so that our Facebook Ad Campaigns achieve the goals and objectives you have. We’d love to have you as part of our satisfied clients. We’ll be waiting to hear from you soon!



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