Travis Buys Homes

10% Increase in Organic Leads Monthly

Top PPC Bidders Locally for Their Industry

Biggest Real Estate Investment Company in Charlotte, NC


Increase in Organic Performance


Increase in Traffic

Over 1.3K

Ranking Keywords


Travis Buys Homes is an REI company located in Charlotte, NC, and founded by Travis Howard and Michael Boyd, both of whom have a collective 20+ years of experience working in the real estate industry, giving them a very strong background regarding deals and potential customers. Their first experience with digital marketing was with another digital marketing agency that took care of their PPC. This other agency failed to set up their account correctly and implemented the wrong strategy, which caused them to waste money without getting any results.

After signing with Hite Digital, their business exploded. We have helped them dominate their market, and it’s thanks to our expertise in digital marketing, constant communication, commitment to success, and strategies that we are able to help. We have become partners, and we’re currently working on other projects with them, not only PPC and SEO.


Our strategy on both SEO and PPC has been targeting homeowners that are looking for a fast and easy solution to sell their house. This is what has helped us rank and get form submissions from them.

On PPC, we’re working on sending leads to submit a form through a landing page that has been converting really well for them.

On SEO, we’re focusing our efforts on getting them to submit a form through the main website. Through a detailed keyword research strategy, we have found relevant keywords that attract more visibility to their site and that more users relate to.

On-Page SEO






2,548 to 7,201



2,526 to 7,181

New Users


3,119 to 8,384


One of the biggest influences we’ve seen on their account is regarding their budget. Thanks to our effective strategies, ROI results, and active communication with Travis and Michael, they entrusted us with a bigger budget to invest more in their campaigns, which has yielded even more clicks, revenue, and positive results for them. They’re currently the top bidders on PPC for their target area, spending around 90K+ monthly.

Their leads went from 5-10 a month to 40-60 a month; and only in the last 6 months, their conversions increased 160%, including phone calls, emails, and contact form submissions, meaning they have been able to close more deals and make more money. In addition, our team worked hard to optimize their website with a detailed SEO strategy, which has led to a 75% increase in organic traffic going to their website and a 94% in organic performance.

With the success they have achieved with out help, they are currently planning to expand their business to new locations.

Impressions vs Clicks

Conversions from the Clicks

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