64% Increase in Conversions from Paid Ads.


Increase in OrganicConversions in 3Months


Decrease Cost perConversion fromPaid Ads


Organic Impressionsin 1 Year


Spark Electrician Services is an emerging player in the electrical contracting industry and is driven by a dedication to customer satisfaction. As a veteran-owned business, Spark Electrician Services upheld its commitment to exceptional customer service, yet faced the challenge of expanding their reach and growth.

Despite their unwavering commitment, the company found itself lacking a digital presence, and so decided to make some investments in building a website. Their objective was clear: cultivate a digital strategy aligned with their commitment to excellence while generating significant business leads. Yet, in the world of digital marketing, just having a website is not enough.

Looking into options for developing their online presence even further, they reached out to Hite Digital. This case study showcases how a strategic partnership with Hite Digital unlocked exponential business growth and reinforced their brand reputation in the competitive market.


Spark Electrician Services approached us at Hite Digital, a digital marketing agency with more than 100 digital marketing specialists and the experience of having guided +50 businesses in the same industry by increasing their leads and exceeding their expectations.

The challenge was to help this small-scale electrical contracting business build a solid digital marketing presence and generate leads while at the same time standing out from the competition. Essentially, putting them on the map, minds, and hearts of the residents of their location.


Our partnership commenced approximately a year ago, with Spark’s Electrician Services looking for a long-term strategy to elevate their business. With a focus on sustainable growth, we undertook a two-fold approach – prioritizing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising initially, and later complementing it with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Since they already had a website and a way for customers to find and contact them online, we decided to start by focusing on running Google Ads for them to get the most out of their budget and help them maximize the return on their investment. With Google Ads, they would engage with customers looking specifically for their services at their location.

However, their aspirations were high, with an eye on the future and a desire to expand and thrive in the digital landscape while staying true to their core values.

This is why, after some time of directly reaching out to potential clients and getting positive results for the Google Ads campaign, we suggested starting SEO. In this way, they could further improve their brand awareness and focus on showcasing their values, which made them unique compared to competitors, as well as connecting more deeply with their clients and generating more leads. Even though SEO takes time, they already had a successful PPC campaign bringing new clients and generating revenue.


The journey began with PPC. We integrated a comprehensive PPC strategy, expanding their reach through strategic keyword targeting and ad placements.

For the team at Spark, obtaining qualified leads was a necessity. If you have any experience with web forms, you are aware that any joker can fill out a form; even automation tools can fill forms en masse, so you’d be right to be wary and devise a method to recognize the relevant ones. When qualifying your leads, you introduce strategies outside of Google that help keep out the noise and identify valuable potential clients. Hite Digital has a seasoned team of digital marketing engineers who are well-versed in putting strategies like this in place for businesses in the Home Services industry.


After getting leads from our PPC campaign, we decided to start building up Sparks Electricians’ organic presence and performance.

Running alongside our PPC strategy, we started working on SEO, emphasizing in the creation of relevant content to attract more visibility to the site, promoting engagement from users visiting the site, and leveraging social proof to distinguish Spark’s Electrician Services from competitors. This approach centered on enhancing their online presence organically, enabling them to connect with their target audience through valuable content.



Our Digital Marketing Engineers in charge of paid ads knocked this one out of the park. From the moment we started, the amount of leads produced were considerably higher and with no compromise on lead quality.

Performance Difference Overa 6 Month Period

The transformation achieved in a mere year speaks volumes of Spark’s Electrician Services’ commitment and our collaborative strategy. Some of the impressive results are:
Over the past year, calls and conversions surged by an impressive 50%, exemplifying the tangible impact of our digital marketing efforts.
An average monthly lead count of 30-40, coupled with an elevated ticket price of $500+, underscored the enhanced quality of leads.
Leads were so abundant that the team at Spark Electrician even considered canceling out PPC efforts. They made a wise choice in just reducing the budget and efforts instead of dropping everything and starting over again from zero. Despite a reduction in budget from $2,000 to $1,250, performance continued to flourish, defying conventional expectations.
These results are a testament to the effectiveness of this strategy in nurturing growth and establishing a solid foothold in the digital realm.

Conversions and Cost per Conversions


SEO is a long game. Should you master it and nurture it progressively, it can provide excellent results at a relatively lower cost.

Hite Digital immediately dived in with a content-rich SEO strategy to build visibility, traffic, and conversions. By the end of the first three months, we were consistently averaging almost 185 clicks and 50 conversions every month, meaning more potential clients were visiting the site and finding precisely the service they were looking for.

These results amounted to a 62% increase in clicks and an 89% increase in conversions in just 3 months.

Clicks (1 – year)

Organic Traffic (1 – year)


With the expertise of Hite Digital in working and helping businesses in the same industry as Spark Electrician Services, the care and results-driven focus of our digital marketing specialists, a clever strategy combining two essential digital marketing services: PPC and SEO, and the values and humane approach they bring to their clients, we have both been able to surpass the expectations and needs that they had when looking to expand their business online.

At Hite Digital, we are more than happy to work hand in hand with Spark Electrician Services and see the great results they have achieved so far. We are glad to be able to guide them into offering excellent electrical services and building even more significant relationships with the people they work with.

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