Slam Dunkin Junk

Case Study Overview

Client Background

Slam Dunkin Junk

Kyle is a 21 years old who already owns two businesses. His first business – Slam Dunkin Junk – started out of frustration from his boring 9 to 5 job. In his own words, he decided to pursue the junk removal industry simply because it was the easiest business to establish.

Little did he know, he was about to become a huge local player in the industry. Frustrated and desperate because of poor results and the unprofessional services from his last marketing services company, Kyle hired Hite Digital to run his SEO and Google Ads campaign. Since then, Kyle and Slam Dunkin Junk have hit record numbers on their most relevant metrics like revenue, conversions, phone calls, etc,. including a 40k conversion from Google Ads.

After only six months of being under Hite Digital services, he trusted Hite to create a website for his new REI business, which Hite will also be working with to improve its marketing efforts.


Slam Dunk Junk with PPC & SEO

Industry: Debris Removal Services
Campaign Length: 6 months
Monthly Budget: $4K

Strategy & Execution

Client: Slam Dunkin Junk

The initial strategy applied was focused on improving the visibility level of the site. The terms used were:

  • Junk Removal Services
  • Trash Removal Services
  • Waste Management
  • Commercial Property Cleanup

This improvement was accomplished by creating content focused on topics of interest which also matched the most relevant intent of the searches, whether it was informational (usually published as blog articles) or commercial/transactional (service and conversion-focused pages).


Service: PPC
Sign Up Date: May 28 2021

Slam Dunkin Junk

There was a significant need for information about the industry among the target audience. Slam Dunk’s website did not solve any inquiry intents because it was solely focused on service content. The site did not yet have enough content or pages to serve all service-related and location-related queries. Our recommendation was to create and publish more content to ensure that all the services and locations have pages dedicated to them. This would allow for a greater reach. There was a great need for the creation of articles (Q&As, FAQs, or topic-focused content) to increase reach and visibility in organic search.


More Calls

Increase in monthly Phone Calls over 6 months


Increase in Clicks

Increase Clicks over 6 months


Increase in Conversions over 6 months

Contact Forms and Calls



Client increase from 5.5K to 6.9k over 6 months


Increase in Monthly Visits

Client increase from 134 to 229 over 6 months


More Clicks 

Client increase from 70 to 145 in clicks over 6 months


Conversion Rate

Client increased from 11 to 42 over 6 months

Search Engine Optimization

Service: SEO
Sign Up Date: May 28 2021

Slam Dunkin Junk provides junk removal and hauling services in the Saint Louis, MO area. It is a locally owned family business that started in 2020. Slam Dunkin Junk also provides minor Demolition services, tearing down sheds, swing sets, gutting houses and will eventually also offer house demolitions services as well.