Meet ProHvac, a local HVAC company serving the Seacoast area of New Hampshire and Southern Maine since 2016. ProHvac has built a solid reputation for its commitment to customer satisfaction and expertise on residential heating and cooling services. Throughout their journey, they encountered some challenges that stood in the way of their goals. In this case study, we delve into ProHvac’s remarkable evolution from a local enterprise to a regional powerhouse, fueled by strategic digital marketing.


ProHvac started as a local HVAC service provider offering essential heating and cooling solutions. With a firm foothold in the Seacoast area, they decided to expand their horizons and serve both residential and commercial customers. Despite their skills and dedication, they were yet to harness the potential of digital marketing when they approached us.


The core challenge for ProHvac was to elevate their business to the next level by harnessing the power of digital marketing. Until that point, their online presence was limited to organic social media posts. They realized that to achieve significant growth, they needed to invest in a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.


In January 2023, ProHvac took the leap and partnered with us to achieve one clear goal – generate more leads. Leveraging our experience in serving service-based industries with a local focus, we immediately started to work.

SEO Local pro Strategy

To boost their local visibility, we began optimizing their online presence with content that resonated with local audiences. By creating region-specific, informative, and engaging content, we ensured ProHvac’s services were prominently displayed to potential customers in the Seacoast area and Southern Maine.


Simultaneously, we crafted and managed a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising strategy with a $2,000 monthly budget. Our focus was on attracting highly qualified leads through Google Ads. These leads were actively seeking HVAC services, making them more likely to convert into paying customers.


Google My Business (GMB) optimizations played a pivotal role in generating a substantial percentage of leads. We optimized ProHvac’s GMB listing to appear in local search results, complete with relevant information, reviews, and photos to build trust and credibility.


The results of our collaborative efforts have been nothing short of astounding:

On a monthly basis, ProHvac consistently receives a remarkable volume of leads, far exceeding their initial expectations.
Through our local SEO efforts, ProHvac's visibility in the Seacoast area and Southern Maine has increased significantly, as we were able to pinpoint the locations that really mattered, and ignored the rest.
The strategic PPC campaign has attracted highly qualified leads, individuals actively seeking HVAC services in their service areas.



While impressions did improve 13% within the first three months, in comparison to how ProHvac was doing before, where Hite Digital really excelled was with conversions. Before Hite, that information was not present in the search console, and is one of the areas we helped out with proper tracking. Maybe the conversions were not being tracked before, but the team at ProHvac quickly found out we made a difference as things got increasingly busy. After the first month we have averaged 18 conversions a month from our strategy.



ProHvac has grown so much that they are now considering their capacity to handle the surge in business generated by our digital marketing efforts. Google Ads had been optimized to maximize efficiency, ensuring that we identified areas with a real chance of generating revenue.

The results demonstrate the success of our strategy in attracting local customers. Our cost per conversion of just under $120 might seem like a lot to those uninitiated in the paid ads world, but it shows a high degree of cost efficiency when you are consistently given qualified leads.


The growth of ProHvac’ from a local HVAC company to a regional leader is an example of the effectiveness of strategic digital marketing. Through a combination of local SEO, PPC advertising, and GMB optimizations, they have achieved remarkable growth in a short period. As ProHvac reevaluates its capacity to accommodate their thriving business, this case study demonstrates the incredible potential of a well-executed digital marketing strategy in transforming a local business into a regional success story.

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