Kayco Roofing

34% Increase in Conversions from Paid Ads

25% Increase in Organic Conversions


Decrease in Cost per Conversions


Increase in Organic Clicks


Page Speed Score on Newly Created Website


Kayco Roofing is a local and family-owned roofing company that has been operating in North Florida for more than 20 years. The severe storms and sunny skies over that part of the country put any roof to the test; it’s safe to say you’ll need a roofer at some point if you’re a homeowner there.

With hurricane season lasting 6 months and many roofing companies to choose from, it can be a highly competitive market in all of Florida. In that type of market, a business can survive, but to grow, you really need to be able to stand out from the rest, and here at Hite Digital, with our branding expertise, effective digital marketing services, and knowledge in lead generation, we excel at helping businesses achieve that.

They realized they could not do it all on their own and needed help to get their business there, so they decided to enlist HITE’s services.

Before coming to HITE, their marketing efforts were basically handled internally. They were doing SEO and PPC, but the quality of the leads and the ROI were not cost-effective. It was not a strategic plan. It was very much an internal, do-it-yourself type of situation.

We came in and did a full analysis of their website and digital footprint, discovering that the website had a variety of areas of improvement, and they were not ranking for key roofing terms in their area.

The overall goal then was to increase the number of leads they were getting, as well as helping them secure a higher quality of leads.


As mentioned previously, Florida is a unique market because of the weather conditions. There are severe storms, so it’s important to be visible for searches regarding roofs, such as roof repair, roof installation, and roof maintenance, as well as associated terms such as insurance and claims.

We also identified the need to provide the right relevant content Florida residents need to find the right service for their roof.

Additionally, given the particular nature of Florida, many roofing companies have raised to offer well-needed roofing services, which means it was crucial for Kayco Roofing to stand out from the rest even at first glance.



We worked with Kayco Roofing to create a new website that would be mobile-friendly to cap on the ever-growing trend of mobile users, rank well for relevant keywords, and be easy to navigate, as well as pleasing to the eye.



SEO can be daunting. It’s a long-term process, requires a lot of effort, and is ever-changing. As search engines change rules, regulations, and algorithms, it can make an already difficult challenge even harder. For SEO to succeed, you can’t automate it. It needs to be analyzed and perfected. At Hite, we have helped roofing companies throughout the U.S., such as Kayco Roofing, implement an SEO strategy that delivers the ultimate benefit of SEO, a steady flow of leads.

We shaped Kayco Roofing SEO’s strategy with dedicated landing pages for the different roofing services they provided, optimized page speed to improve user experience, sprinkled search terms that are popularly in use, provided the right content users are looking for, and made sure clear call to actions are visible throughout the website.



This method of lead generation is proven in the roofing industry. It can start providing results almost on inception. Hite has many years of accumulated experience using the pay-per-click model for roofing companies, so we know how to go about it correctly.

We used local geographies to direct our search campaigns. Using broad search terms for Kayco Roofing target locations, we were able to monitor what worked and what didn’t.

Running campaign strategies for roofing companies is a constant practice of project management and adjustments. This kind of level of detail cannot be seen with end-of-the-month tweaks, trusting the AI to run it for you, or the boutique marketing agency that outsources the operations to someone else. Hite’s strength comes from its consolidated team of experts who are at the ready, monitoring, acting, and communicating.


Web Design

The facelift that the website needed included a total design change. The logo and branding manual was redesigned, and that was the cornerstone of this new website build. We used a tone of orange that resonates with Florida, especially that part of the state. As subtle as it looks, this has been a key in raising the brand’s recognition.


As we mentioned previously, our roofing company partner was located in a highly competitive market, and as the norm with those high-demand markets, the cost for AdWords is elevated; this is especially true for the roofing industry. At Hite, we have the knack of not only delivering on strategies that provide bountiful results, but we pride ourselves on doing this while reducing costs.

Starting in December of 2021, we only needed one month to begin effectively reducing costs in our client’s ad spend, a true economy of force. When looking at the results of 2021, we are able to account for a 56% reduction in ad spend!

For us, it is of utmost importance that our partners are able to appreciate a very clear return on investment, as it is our ethos to deliver an excellent experience. We are not just delivering the same at a lower price point, we’re also generating more quality opportunities for this partner, enabling their growth as a business, with an increase of 34% in conversion.

Managing a strategy like this is never possible without running into a few challenges, and we experienced that during the middle of 2022 when we started seeing an increased cost per conversion and, to complicate matters a reduction of conversions. We did not delay into taking swift action not reacting; we implemented a short-term strategy to bring things under control and return the campaign to the previous performance level. Hite isn’t just a digital marketing agency, it is a digital marketing partner, acting on behalf of your company, just as an internal marketing department would.

Cost per conversions

Conversions and Cost Per Conversions


With a new, fresh, optimized website and branding, we jumped to the task of increasing the Visibility of Kayco Roofing’s new online presence organically. The use of the right keywords, content, and relevant metadata, helped potential customers find and visit the site when searching for their roofing needs.


This constant stream of clients finding and visiting Keyco Roofing’s site organically, has opened the path to pursue SEO’s ultimate goal, a steady and predictable stream of leads and conversions. Little by little, we begin to see improvements, and we are confident that things will improve further.


2022 3-month Conversions Comparison


Coming from doing in-house digital marketing, Keyco Roofing needed help to improve its strategies, get leads, and differentiate its business from all other roofing companies in North Florida.

At Hite Digital, we helped Keyco Roofing in only one month to reduce costs and increase its brand awareness. With our expertise in digital marketing services and lead generation, we were able to help them stand out against the competition. We helped them create effective strategies combining many of our digital marketing services, such as PPC, SEO, and Web Design, to cap on many opportunities they have.

Contact us today if you need help with your company’s branding or reducing your ad spend. We would be more than happy to help you achieve your goals.

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