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The Law Office of Gregory Garrison is a criminal law firm with over 32 years of experience. Gregory Garrison has experience as a law enforcement officer, prosecutor, and district attorney, and he’s dedicated to providing clients with the best possible representation.

All that experience allows him to help his clients navigate the legal system and ensure that their rights are protected through a range of criminal cases. In order to reach more potential clients, he dived into digital marketing, connected his site to Google Analytics, and began administrating his own pay-per-click campaigns.

Business was good and he was getting leads, so when a Google account specialist offered him some advice on improvements, he took it. But after implementing the changes recommended by the specialist, his PPC campaign failed miserably. He went from getting results and good leads to having no results at all.

Desperate to get things back on track and get his business back to the level it was before, he reached out to Hite Digital. We worked with him to understand his goals and create a plan to get him back on track – and then some. Especially tuning out those pesky spam calls!

Content-wise his site was doing pretty well for itself, so it was all about focusing on their PPC strategy.




It’s a dynamic and ever-changing landscape, so it’s important to have a solid strategy in place before you start running ads. That’s why the first step we took was to investigate and determine the direction of his campaigns. We looked at his goals, his target audience, and the type of cases he handles.

We found some weak points in his previous campaign, such as broad match keywords that were costing him a lot of money and not generating many leads. We also uncovered some search terms that he wasn’t bidding on but should have been. The ads that were popping up were themselves very generic and really weren’t trying out any variations.

The bidding strategy was on auto-pilot, so much to the point it really wasn’t doing much. Bids should vary based on time. Additionally, a good strategy is to have people call directly during office hours, but after hours, you want people to find the form easily to send out a contact request. Nothing like that was happening though.



The next step was to put the new strategy into action. We created new ad groups and quality ad copies that would be more relevant to his target audience and match his keywords more closely.

We also implemented some negative keywords to make sure he wasn’t wasting money on unqualified leads.


At the time of publication, Hite Digital has had the pleasure of working with the Law Offices of Gregory Garrison for 8 months. During this time, we have produced some amazing results.

So much so, when comparing with the same time period the previous year, we were able to improve the amount of conversions by 85% and lowering the cost per conversion by 344%. That’s an amazing amount of money in ad spend being saved!


Cost Per Conversion

PPC is an extremely favorable method to generate leads for a law practice, so the market is very competitive, driving the cost of keywords up when bidding for them.

This is something we’ve seen in conversations with other attorneys, and our clients in the field of law. They are told that doing ads is easy, you just need to put your settings and leave it all on auto-pilot. However, this is a bad practice, since it allows the AI to raise prices as users are not implementing strategies to get the best results.

That’s why Hite Digital has an experienced and efficient team that uses mindful approaches that are effective in producing ROI-positive strategies. “Guess work” and “leave it to the machine” is abandonment; real humans monitor results and make adjustments as needed for the benefit of our clients. These results are a testament to that.


If you’re like Gregory Garrison and have seen a decline in your PPC campaign results, don’t panic. At Hite Digital, our team of specialists has the experience and know-how to get your campaigns back on track.

And just as with this case, we have provided enviable results to many more of our clients in different fields of law with the help of our many effective digital marketing services.

Get in touch with us today for a free consultation! We’ll work with you to understand your goals and create a plan that will help you achieve them.

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