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9K Increase in Paid Conversions


Increase in Impressions from FB Ads


Increase in Organic Visits to the Site Since Year 1


Increase in Clicks to the Site from Paid Ads Since Year 1


Located in Commerce, Texas, Fix & Feed is a family-run retail hardware store that opened its door in 1996.

Since then, Fix & Feed has positioned itself as a complete, affordable, and accessible hardware store, which has helped them expand to other 3 cities in Texas: Sulphur Springs, Quinlan, and Bonham.

With their success and the new trends, Fix & Feed decided to continue growing by venturing into the digital world. They launched their website and decided to find a reliable digital marketing company to help them thrive online and get to the next level.

Then, in mid-2020, Hite Digital and Fix & Feed started working together and continue to do so to this day, thanks to the incredible growth and results we have provided them. Our working relationship with Fix & Feed has been one of our longest.


To help Fix & Feed, we implemented most of our effective services to improve their online visibility, increase clicks and visits to their site, and convert those visits into revenue for the business. These services were:


Just a logo isn’t enough; sure, it’s a big part of the game, but a logo needs to do much more than just be a cool visual. You want people to see the logo and see the business represented there. You also want the opposite; when people see a business name, they think of a logo. When that happens, you really made it.

A logo isn’t just a drawing; it’s made up of colors and letters. So you need a brand manual, and that’s exactly what we did for Fix & Feed: create colors and fonts to represent them across the board. Once we finished and delivered, Fix & Feed were super happy. From there on, they could roll out their circulars and other promotional material with a uniform brand identity.

For a business trying to grow its e-commerce footprint, having that branding on a flyer or billboard wouldn’t be that big of a deal. For e-commerce, the most important advertising tool would be the website. With Fix & Feed’s new logo and branding, everything on their website had to be redesigned to fit the new branding, which had to permeate through every page of it. The fact we had to lay the groundwork to conduct search engine optimization was also an important motivating factor for both parties.



We started creating search campaigns. Then, to ensure the right people saw Fix & Feed ads, we decide to shift our strategy and created Smart campaigns for each store location. With these campaigns, we were able to target potential customers in preferred geographic locations when they searched for terms related to Fix & Feed products, as well as seach terms specifying these locations.

Also, we tracked store visits using current and past data on the number of customers who clicked or viewed the ads and later visited the store. Then, these results translate into store visits in a Google Ads report.



When taking on this project, Fix & Feed was not a new up-and-coming company. It already had more than one physical location and had built up its own reputation.

Our focus with SEO was to help the site improve traffic by increasing the number of users who visited the site and then converting those visits into customers through phone calls and emails. Making potential customers see it is easy to engage with Fix & Feed is a certain way to gain their business and keep them coming back.



The main focus of our Facebook Ads strategy was to build brand awareness for Fix & Feed among potential customers, as well as to drive engagement.


Our objective is to allow our partners to grow, providing the best ROI for them. As for Fix & Feed, we certainly met and then exceeded this objective and expectations across 3 years.


For a business like Fix & Feed that has a digital and a physical side to its business, we aimed to promote both. In order to do so, it needs a sizeable budget and a partner that can use it wisely. Across the almost 3 years we’ve been working with Fix & Feed, we have been able to reduce costs while increasing the number of conversions since year one.

Most recently, after making tweaks to this year’s campaigns to focus on past visitors and reduce costs, we are delivering clear results at a lower cost per click and conversion.

2020 PPC Performance / Cost

2021 PPC Performance / Cost

2022 PPC Performance / Cost


SEO is not known for the fastest results, but we quickly set up a consistent pipeline. Having completely refreshed the site, the visibility played a key role in improving impressions and clicks, which in turn became visits.

With impressions above the 50K mark, our SEO efforts shifted to focus entirely on traffic and engagement, which has delivered excellent results in the form of increasing visits and conversions.

Clicks & Visits 2021

Clicks & Visits 2022

Conversions 2021 – 2022

Facebook ADS

Our Facebook Ads efforts have transformed across the years; however, they have always been focused on garnering attention for Fix & Feed’s 4 locations and getting people to visit their site.

As time passed and data was collected, certain groups were targeted. Individuals who had already visited the Fix & Feed’s site were retargeted through Facebook Ads. Eventually, the ads were used to promote raffles and other contests to drive client engagement.

From visits to the websites, users making inquiries, and interested individuals filling out forms, we continue providing an amazing amount of results. Also, we have provided an amazingly low average cost per result.

Facebook Impressions & Reach

Results & Cost per Result Avg


Our working relationship with Fix & Feed is one of the longest and most fruitful relationships we have. Since we started working together, we have helped them increase their online presence, traffic, brand awareness, and even sales in all of their locations in Texas.

We are proud to have helped Fix & Feed with their digital marketing needs. Through our efforts, they have seen an increase in online visibility, clicks, and conversions across different channels, such as Paid Aids, Organic, and Facebook Ads. This has resulted in more revenue for the business and a better ROI. We will continue to work with Fix & Feed to help them grow their business even further.

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