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In Seattle

Consistent Revenue Increase of +200% Month over Month

43% Increase in the Number of Bookings Annually


Increase in Total Revenue › 1 year


Increase in Organic Visibility


Increase in Organic Clicks


Located in Seattle, the escape room company has been a business hosting themed escape room games and other family-friendly activities since 2021.

From thereon, they had a turbulent experience with digital marketing. Since the escape room industry is fragmented, there was so much they could do for themselves to build up their brand and to avoid spending money without getting a return on their investment. For these reasons, they decided to seek help from digital marketing agencies.

In the first months of 2021, the company worked with 3 or 4 other agencies. However, they had bad experiences with them, such as being unaware of the work or progress these agencies were doing and seeing low-quality services.

In May 2021, they decided to work with Hite Digital, and thanks to the results we have delivered, we continue working together to this day.


After running a comprehensive audit on the company’s site, and having vast knowledge and experience helping clients in the Escape Room industry, the strategy was to combine the fast-paced results and direct audience targeting of PPC, the broad scope of Facebook Ads, and the long-term results and tailored engagement for visitors of SEO.



Our strategy has been to focus on improving the number of clicks and traffic from organic search to the most visible landing pages of the site, which are currently generating views (impressions) for terms related to the following topics:

  • Escape Room Seattle
  • Escape Room Games
  • Branded keywords


For PPC, the strategy has been to create ad groups based on the highest search interests for escape rooms in general, as well as per available locations, and at the same time helping to strengthen brand awareness. All of this while using the available budget smartly.

To achieve this, 3 main ad groups (among others) were created, and are currently generating the most conversions for the site, while increasing month over month:


  • Escape Rooms Locations
  • Branded keywords ad group
  • Escape Rooms Games


Since the escape room business started working with us, we have helped them increase their performance organically and for paid.
Revenue has increased by more than 200% monthly, and their number of bookings by 43% in just one year:

When it comes to organic performance, the site has increased its visibility exponentially, as well as the number of clicks and visits to the site:


Organic Clicks


Coming from a bad experience regarding results and poor communication from other digital marketing agencies, since the escape room business trusted their site to Hite Digital, we have only delivered increasing results for them.

Thanks to our effective strategies and expertise in helping clients grow in the Escape Rooms industry, the performance of the site has exponentially improved for both: paid and organic, from increased visibility, clicks, and traffic to virtually doubling their revenue month over month, as well as increasing the number of bookings.

This escape room company made the right decision with Hite Digital. What are you waiting for to do it as well?

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