Escape Games

Company In The Pacific Northwest

Consistent Revenue Increase of +90% Month over Month

Progressive Increase in the Number of Bookings


Increase in Total Revenue Over 1 Year


Increase in Bookings


Increase in Organic Clicks


The company began its business in 2015 providing high-quality escape games in the Pacific Northwest, and licensing games to over ten cities throughout the rest of the country. Before starting to work with us in November 2020, they had employed around 3 to 4 other marketing agencies but had bad experiences with communication and results.


Given that the company had already existed for a while when we started working with them, and after doing detailed research, audit, and evaluation of the site and its target audience, we identified a great opportunity to combine long and short-term results services:



To build the site’s authority, attract visibility and traffic, and improve its ranking, mainly focusing on improving the number of clicks and traffic from organic search to the most visible landing pages of the site, which are currently generating views (impressions) for terms related to the following topics:

  • Escape Room Games
  • Escape Room Events
  • Escape Room Games for Kids



To help target relevant audiences directly and get leads faster; and Facebook Ads, to widen the scope of the relevant audience for the business while at the same time creating interaction with potential clients, focusing on keywords like:

  • Escape room Nampa
  • Escape room Idaho
  • Escape Games
  • And branded keywords

Additionally, a new appealing and optimized website design was pitched, together with Tik Tok ads.


Since they started working with us, we have helped them consistently increase revenue by more than 90% month over month. Comparing the results before they started working with us (2020) to their 1st year with our services (2021), we have been able to generate more than 370% increase in revenue and more than 280% bookings:



This is a great achievement for our team, and we are excited to see how we can help them grow even more in the future.


Before we begin working with any partner, a full marketing analysis is conducted where we can determine ROI. Anything but the maximum return on investment, we don’t move forward. When we began working with this escape games company, we were able to assure two key things: Growth and a Positive Return on Investment. So far we have exceeded expectations.

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