Increase of Nearly 600 Conversions

from Paid Ads


Reduction in Cost Per Conversions


Increase in Organic Impressions


Increase in Organic Conversions


Welcome to the success story of a reputable dental practice in New Jersey dedicated to delivering traditional and specialized dental services, including root canals, preventive care, bridges, crowns, dentures, emergency dental care, and implants.

With nearly two decades of service, this practice has been a pillar of oral healthcare in its community. It has been going strong ever since, adopting cutting-edge technology to provide the best care for its patients. They certainly have made many clients smile, but always looking to improve and grow its team looked towards the tech horizon, just as they have for its practice, to help attract more clients.

In their pursuit of expanding their patient base, they partnered with Hite Digital for PPC and SEO services to boost leads and conversions online.


Just like their facility, they were running a state-of-the-art web page, but a web page is not a guarantee to earn more conversions. Before reaching out to Hite Digital, the crew had already been working with a digital marketer, but the costs were not matching the results.

At Hite Digital, we place ROI as the north in our business compass because you should always get the best bang for your buck. The dental practice was confident they could earn more leads and conversions in their area of influence. Can Hite Digital make it happen? Read on!



An excellent way to get started quickly generating leads and conversions is through Paid Ads; this is only if done correctly. At Hite, we have a big team of experienced analysts and PPC specialists, with the vision of not just looking at the numbers to identify a problem but getting creative and finding solutions for them.

We started quickly by allocating a budget of $3,000 per month to the PPC campaign. As leads improved, but the desired outcomes were yet to be met, an ingenious multi-channel approach was introduced. A tailored YouTube advertising campaign was launched with a monthly budget of $1,500, complemented by a Performance Max campaign with an additional $1,500 monthly budget.


After providing results and building a relationship of trust andconfidence with the dental team in New Jersey, they askedus what else could they do to get even more leads?

Thinking very profoundly about their future and ourrelationship, we felt very strongly about suggesting workingtogether on building up their organic presence.

At the time, nothing was really happening organically, and most of the traffic tothe site was coming from paid ads.



Within the first three months, the dental practice witnessed a record-breaking month, surpassing previous lead generation efforts with their former marketing agency.

A substantial influx of qualified leads demonstrated the profound impact of incorporating YouTube and Performance Max campaigns into their digital marketing strategy. It is a campaign we have followed closely with slight course corrections. The strategy pretty much remains the same, providing fantastic results with an overall average cost per conversion of $84 while always keeping things on budget and delivering results.

Conversions and Cost per Conversions


SEO is an effective service that pays off in the long term, sometimes generating results after 3 to 6 months of implementing your strategy. Having completed 4 months of conducting SEO, in a comparable amount of time, we achieved a 57% increase in impressions and a 49% increase in clicks, meaning more people were finding and clicking to visit the dental practice’s site on the SERP (Google’s search results page).

Additionally, the site started generating its first organic leads. We’ll keep making the right calls until the site itself is its own powerhouse at generating leads.



Impressions, Clicks and Conversions


The New Jersey Dental Practice decided to improve their online performance by trusting our expertise and care for their business to us at Hite Digital.

Together with their exceptional dental services, care for their patients, and the knowledge of our team of digital marketing experts, we managed to help the dental practice achieve an unprecedented generation of leads with a combination of PPC services while keeping their budget in line; as well as starting to rank organically, reaching even more potential patients, and registering contact form submissions with our SEO services.

We continue working hand in hand with the Dental Practice so they can continue striving online and become the dental practice of choice for every person in need of dental care in New Jersey.

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