Arrow Boutique

Company LLC


30% Increase in the Number of New Customers


Decrease in Ad Spend


Revenue from New Customers in 1 Year


Increase in App Installations


Located in a small town in Missouri, Arrow Boutique’s owner started her business while at the same time raising 2 boys and being a full-time home school math teacher.

She wanted to create an online clothing store where everyone could get the latest fashion at an affordable price. She started her marketing efforts with a website, a downloadable app, and Facebook ads. At first, she targeted local customers but wanted to expand and target customers nationally, but had little success.

She began working with another agency but had a really bad experience where they overspent her budget and ran the wrong ads, not delivering results while spending more than she could afford.

Around May 2021, she decided to work with Hite Digital. Thanks to the results we have delivered, the opportunity to expand her business, and the progressive increase in revenue we have helped them make while improving their budget from her ad spend, we continue working together to this day.


One of our main objectives was to help Arrow Boutique expand outside local customers and target nationally through FB ads. We started targeting users by device: Android and iOS, and lookalike audiences, such as:

  • Website visitors
  • People who previously purchased
  • App users
  • App installers


We kept working with the same selection of audiences, while at the same time improving them by launching ads to everyone in the U.S., which enabled us to gather more accurate data on each type of audience and further improve our strategy for each.



To continue testing new ads and our current strategy, we ran consistent ad A/B testing, yet not allowing our ad’s frequency to skyrocket. We would roll out at least 1 new ad per month, let it run for testing, and gather relevant data on audiences to consider trying a new ad next month, or improving the current ad.



We also tested different budget strategies. Initially, we were using campaign budget optimization (CBO), which means the whole budget is designated for a campaign with different ads, and the budget is automatically distributed to each ad depending on some variables. Even though the results were good, once we switched to ad set budget optimization (ABO), we determined that each ad set needed its own budget to deliver a steady performance.


Since Arrow Boutique Company, LLC. started working with us, we have helped them increase the total number of new customers and significantly increased their total revenue. Moreover, we have managed to get all these results while improving the total ad spend, which means more revenue at a lower cost.

With our effective audience targeting strategy and data gathering, we helped them expand nationally and increase the number of customers from all around the U.S. visiting Arrow Boutique’s site, downloading their app, and purchasing from the store.

App Installs

Total Ad Spend


Arrow Boutique has gone a long way since they started working with us more than 1 year ago. Coming from a bad experience working with another agency in the past which didn’t deliver results and overspent the available budget.

With Hite, the revenue of Arrow Boutique has increased, as well as the number of clients buying from the website, and we have even helped them achieve one of their main objectives, which was expanding from serving local clients to serving clients all around the U.S.

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