Knowing Logo Types & How They’re Used

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Choosing the right logo for your company or business is not just about branding. A logo can communicate a lot about an organization, so it’s important to have one that communicates what you want it to. This article discusses different types of logos and when they are best used.

First Things First: What Is A Logo?

A logo is a symbol that represents your company or brand. As branding becomes more and more important for companies, so does the use of logos. Logos are extremely effective in branding since they help customers identify who you are as an organization.

Different Types Of Logos: What’s The Right One For My Company?

There are five types of logos. It’s important to choose the logotype that best suits your company or brand, depending on what you want to communicate. Here they are:

Monogram Logos

Monogram logos, also known as lettermarks, are formed only by letters, usually from one to three. The letters represent the initials of the business name. Businesses that opt for this type of logo aim to represent elegance and professionalism, commonly used by clothing designers, photographers, restaurants, etc. 


Logomark is a symbol that does not contain letters, is formed by shapes that do not mention the name of your business but represents it. These are used for shoes, drinks, cars, apps, etc. 

Emblem Logos

This type of logo is the mix of symbols and letters, usually the font goes inside the symbol or icon. Emblem logos are used to represent badges, seals, etc, and tend to be colorful, and have more than one typography. These are used by schools, universities, hospitals, organizations, etc. 

Mascot Logos

Mascot logos are formed by the figure of a person, animal or non-human entity that’s given a human attribute. These are used when the brand wishes to be friendly and targets children of families. 

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