How to Prospect New Clients for your Agency

April 23, 2020

Looking for more clients for your digital marketing agency can feel like a challenge. If you’re doing cold calls and similar strategies, that’s great, but there are more organic ways to prospect for clients as well. Here are a few strategies you can start implementing now to gain new clients — and most of them are free.

Prospecting Ideas for Digital Marketing Agencies

Start a blog. The purpose of a blog is to answer questions, to offer solutions for your reader. Write blogs with your clients and potential clients. The idea is that when people search these questions, they will find your content, trust your knowledge and authority on the topic, feel helped, and turn into prospective clients.

Blog on someone else’s site. Similarly, you can open up your audience even more by writing a blog for someone else’s blog and linking back to your site. This puts that same knowledge and authority in front of new sets of eyes who already trust that blog. If they like what you have to offer, they also become prospective clients.

Advertise with Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads allow you to target very specific audiences from a pool of billions and reach the business owners who may be most interested in your services, for a very affordable price. Facebook Ads also give you more visual options than a Google ad — you can include a video or a well-designed set of graphics to engage your audience. 

Create a free course or webinar. Like with blog posts, a free course or webinar lets your audience know that you have knowledge and are willing to share it. If people see you as a resource they like and trust, they will be more likely to hire you for your services if and when they need them.

Own your Google My Business Page. Google My Business is one the key ways businesses are being found these days, so it’s important to own your page and have all your information up to date on your page. You can publish posts there as well to engage new visitors.

Speak at a conference, do a Facebook Live, or do a live webinar. This is the live version of doing a free course, and involves more direct engagement with your potential clients. By doing one of these events, you’re opening yourself and your business up to a larger audience and engaging them with useful information. If they like what you have to offer, they may reach out to work with you. 

Hite Helps You Prospect

When you partner with Hite Digital as your fulfillment partner, we give you support and tools to serve your current clients and close your sales as well, with sales decks, consulting, expertise, and other tools and educational materials.


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