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Jul 25, 2019

What is a Manager Account?

A manager account, previously called an MCC (My Client Center), is a type of Google Ads umbrella account. It’s used by anyone managing multiple client accounts–normally, that’s advertisers or agencies.

How To Create a Manager Account

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Some Benefits Of Using A Manager Account

You’ll find many other benefits to keeping all your accounts under one login, but here are a few basic ones.

First, the obvious: It keeps you as an accounts manager organized, and keeps the agency as a whole organized as well.

The client “owns” their individual account, but the agency has full ability to manage and pull reporting from each account.

A client can also easily give you access if they switch over to you from a different agency. This way, you have access to their history and don’t have to start from zero. A client will benefit from having a longer-running account, even if they’ve switched agencies.

Recently, a potential partner asked us to provide stats and results for several of our clients within the industry that he serviced. With a manager account, you can measure trends across clients within a single industry and report on them easily.


You can’t turn an existing Google Ads account into a manager account–you’ll have to create a new one.
The time zone you choose can’t be changed, so think twice before you set it up at the beginning.
Clients will be billed in the currency you select for them.


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