You Should Have A Facebook Business Manager Account

Sep 3, 2019

What is a Business Manager Account?

A business manager account allows the user to manage ads accounts and Facebook Pages in one place. It is used by agencies to run ads and pages for their clients, and to manage the permissions for everyone accessing those accounts.

How To Create a Manager Account

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Some Benefits Of Using A Manager Account

You’ll find many other benefits to keeping all your accounts under one login, but here are a few basic ones.

You can create accounts for each person or business you serve, keeping everything separate and organized.

The client “owns” their individual account, but the agency has full ability to manage and pull reporting from each account.

A client can also easily give you access if they switch over to you from a different agency. This way, you have access to their history and don’t have to start from zero. A client will benefit from having a longer-running account, even if they’ve switched agencies.

Agencies have access to insights within a specific account or across all accounts to better understand their ad performance.

You can keep work and life separate by sending Business notifications to your work email. You also don’t have to add clients or coworkers on Facebook to access their Business accounts.


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  1. Priya Sharma

    Business Manager is what keeps you notified of what’s happening on your Facebook Page and shows how your posts are doing. It also helps us plan and make new strategies. Thanks for sharing this article, it’s very helpful.


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