How A Mastermind Group Helps Your Agency Scale

(ft. The Digital Agency Hacker)

Dec. 18, 2019

Scaling your digital marketing agency isn’t easy, even if starting it was. A mastermind group can be the key to turning your agency into a truly profitable and solid business that’s growing over time. That’s why Hite created a group for digital marketers to network and share: to enable them to scale their agencies, together, with our guidance.

What is a Mastermind Group?

A mastermind group is a collection of peers that meet regularly to advise and support each other. The purpose is to help each other set goals and achieve success.

What is The Digital Agency Hacker?

The Digital Agency Hacker is an online mastermind group and learning platform created by Hite to help digital marketing agencies scale. Our exclusive Facebook community is where we “meet” — any time, anywhere — to exchange experiences, ask questions, give and get advice, learn, and connect.

Scaling With The Hacker

The Hacker connects digital marketers all over the US — from beginners to experts. Whether you’re just starting out in digital marketing with your own agency, or you’ve been in the business for decades, there’s something for you to gain from being in a group with others in your field.

JC Hite hosts regular Facebook Lives in the group, discussing everything from levels of service to selling SEO to setting expectations for your clients. He also recommends books on leadership and entrepreneurship that have served him. Constant learning leads to growth in your business as you learn to serve your clients and sell your services better.

Members can ask questions about something they’re dealing with at any time and get answers and ideas from their peers — usually within hours, or less. One time, a group member was wondering if he’d executed a campaign successfully, because he wasn’t getting conversions. Within a day, we had an audit of the campaign ready for him.

Hite Digital’s experts share the latest updates from Google, search engine marketing, and more digital marketing topics so that you’ll be constantly aware of what’s going on. We make sure you understand it so you can communicate it to your clients. Growing with the industry is as important within it. 

Having a place to share with others in your industry helps you feel less alone. Feeling like you’re the only one dealing with a tough client, financial struggles, or stagnant sales can be demoralizing and slow your growth. Knowing that someone else is dealing or has dealt with the same thing not only eases your stress, but allows you to get their perspective and advice.


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