Digital Marketing In Spite Of The Coronavirus Outbreak

April 27, 2020

The coronavirus outbreak is affecting every part of our lives, from the places we used to visit, to our priorities and how we spend our money. As expected, all businesses have been affected drastically too, and consumer behavior has changed on a massive scale.

In the digital marketing field, though many are reluctant to advertise in this crisis, there are many opportunities to take advantage of. Businesses have found that more people are spending more time online and that while search is different, there are places for growth.

1. Search is changing

With the coronavirus situation, people are now consuming digital content throughout the day and searching for different things. As a result, search is changing. This situation is affecting businesses’ paid advertising strategies and performance, in some ways negatively, but also in other surprising and positive ways.

2. Ads are cheaper now

According to Socialbeakers, there has been a decrease in CPM across the board of all industries. In general, the most recent figure ($0.810) is less than half of the previous seven-month high in late November of 2019 ($1.883).

3. Cost per click is lower 

Cost per click is lower now as well, making the cost to advertise much lower for almost every industry. 

For brands overall, right after the new year, the previous low was $0.110. Now, it has decreased by 19% down to $0.089. The Ecommerce industry, for example, has reduced by 22% over the last two months, going from $0.099 to $0.077. These lower costs are an opportunity for businesses to make their messages reach a broader audience than they usually would.

4. People haven’t stopped searching

Even though people are spending more time online, the overall engagement for both paid content and organic on brand profiles has been mostly steady throughout this time. 

Take advantage of the trend

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Jamie Hernandez

Content Writer

Professional Designer & Marketer, and sometimes, musician at night. I’m passionate about branding design, UI UX design, and social media. I have worked for 4 years designing for multiple brands. Currently writing content for everything from roofers to remodeling companies.



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