What To Focus on When Starting a Digital Marketing Agency

Sept 19, 2020

Starting an agency is hard work, and can feel overwhelming when you have so many tasks and people to focus on. Here are the most important things to focus on when you’re starting out so you can grow successfully.

Work 50 hours a week

The first thing you should do as an agency owner is commit yourself to working 50 hours a week. You’re an entrepreneur and your business is taking off, so you should be working even harder than at a normal job where you’d work for someone else.

The risk is too high as new business owners, and we have to give it our all in the beginning. Later on, when you’re more established, you can enjoy the benefits of your agency. Right now is the time to put in the hours.

Meet with your clients on a weekly basis

Another key thing you should focus on is communication with your clients, to update them on their accounts and establish relationships. Schedule a weekly recurring meeting with each client, and if they’re not interested in having these meetings — get rid of them. A good client will be interested in the results you’re getting them.

Your meetings should go as follows:

1- Prepare for these meetings (30 minutes)

Check the account and prepare all the info you need.

2- Have the meeting (30-45 minutes)

In your meeting, you should update them on numbers and results, see if you need to add any services or specials, and ask them how many leads they’re closing.

3- Create all necessary tasks (30 minutes)

Assign yourself or your team all the tasks that came out of your conversation.

4- Send a follow up email

Send your client an email summarizing your conversation and telling them how you will take action based on it.

Communication is incredibly important not only to offer excellent service but to make successful campaigns for your clients and learn what they need.

Prospect to get 10+ clients

When you’re not in meetings with clients, you should be prospecting to find new clients. It is very important to get your client numbers past 10, because this is when your risk lowers and your churn isn’t as detrimental. There’s a big difference between losing 1 client of 3, and losing 1 of 15. You need to achieve that stability as a new agency.

Prospecting means checking on your follow-ups and automation, following up on your leads, using a CRM to keep track of your potential clients, and cold calling. You should be cold calling about 5 hours a day. You can split it into 2.5 hours in the morning and the afternoon to help with burnout.

Keep learning

Lastly, you should be consuming new content and learning everything you don’t know. There’s always something you can learn about products, automation, finances, budgeting, prospecting, sales, and more.

You can check out:

  • YouTube videos
  • Podcasts
  • Books

Set aside time every day to learn so you can grow as an agency owner and a marketing professional.


Daniela Chamorro Mantica

Content Coordinator

Professional and creative writer with a passion for digital storytelling. I hold a BA in English from Amherst College, and have over 4 years of experience writing for a variety of industries, including non-profits, higher education, custody law, and marketing.



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