What To Do When Seasonality Impacts Your Business

April 14, 2021

If you have a business with peak seasons and off-seasons, you might’ve become familiar with the challenges those off-seasons pose when it comes to generating revenue. Business seasonality affects many different businesses regardless of their industry. For example, roofing companies might receive fewer customers and calls during the winter months or tax advisors after tax season.

Since seasonality is not something business owners can control, what can be done when seasonality impacts your business? Here are some ways to get the most out of your business when going through your off-season using digital marketing. 

Understanding The Seasonality of Your Business

The first aspect a business owner should know is what seasonality looks like for their business. If you have ongoing digital marketing efforts, there are various tools available to determine the impact seasonality has on your business. 

Here are some ways digital marketing helps you assess your business’s situation:

Keyword Research & Trends

Your business can use keyword research to analyze any trends and number of searches your business or industry is receiving at any given time. This provides good insight into when people are most interested in your product or service. 

Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics, you’ll be able to closely track your site’s traffic and see how it changes throughout the year. 

Your Competitors

What are your competitors doing? Are they using any seasonal marketing tactics/running campaigns at certain times of the year? It’s essential to be aware of what others in your industry are doing, especially if they seem to be getting positive results. 

Adjust Your Digital Marketing Efforts For Seasonality

After getting a better understanding of how seasonality impacts your business, here are some ways you can adjust your digital marketing strategy during those times.

Adjust the Budget For Your Ad Campaigns

If you are running ad campaigns, you can adjust them to invest more of your budget during your best seasons to ensure more customers will convert while spending less of the budget during off-seasons. 

Focus on different services or products throughout the year

Depending on the season, you can push different products or services. You can keep producing content that will provide your current and potential customers with useful information even during your off-season. 

Use Your Off-Season Time Wisely

Although you might be getting fewer service requests and visitors on your site, you should use this time to optimize your site, products, and services to achieve even better results when business starts going up again.

You could also use this time to produce tailored and seasonal content and ad copy to attract potential customers when the time comes. With the right PPC and SEO services, your website could continue to grow year-round. 

Get Started On Your Strategy 

If you need help planning your marketing strategy when seasonality impacts your business, our Hite Digital experts are ready to get you started. As you can see, the right digital marketing tools and strategies can help you determine what seasonality can look like for your business and ways to adjust that strategy to achieve the best results and lessen the impact.


Maydi Hernandez

Content Coordinator

A business marketing graduate from Calvin University. I am passionate about business and how it can create shared value among communities and organizations through collaboration.

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