5 TIps to ramp up 

your Social Media Marketing

Facebook is a giant – and Facebook advertising is not slowing down.

Facebook has over 1.86 billion monthly active users which present a 17% spike in two years since 2016. Facebook marketing is a critical component for your business’ brand if you’re trying to up your social media marketing game (which you should).

We’ve put together this mini guide to share with you 5 killer tips for you to kickstart your Facebook marketing strategy into high gear. Check it out!

1. Create Facebook Goals That Directly Affect Your Biggest Needs

I’m willing to bet that if you’ve read about Facebook marketing strategy, you’ve read about the importance of creating goals and choosing objectives for your specific market and marketing needs. If Facebook is going to become part of your overall marketing strategy, it’s likely that you’re wishing to improve upon an existing marketing strategy. Please don’t go after vanity metrics such as likes and followers!

Here are some common yearly goals for businesses that can help you this 2019:

  • Increase the quality of sales – Improving the quality of sales starts with improving the quality of leads. This means that you shouldn’t go nuts with trying to reach everyone, instead, focus on your targeting and come up with a plan to reach your audience efficiently.
  • Adding value to your organization – Facebook can help better nurture customers, improve brand awareness, and serve as a way to provide more information to your audience.
  • More efficient recruiting – Social media can be a great way for your organization to reach out and recruit top talent. Working off your employees’ social networks for a higher social reach.
  • Smarter growth – Reducing churn, increasing ad spend, and increasing acquisition are all goals of successful businesses, and Facebook can help with all of these. Figure out how increased ad spend or increased focused targeting can elevate your reach and help you accomplish these goals.

Of course, there are different goals for different needs, and these are only a few of them, but you get the point. Better social media marketing can have a profound impact on your entire organization.

2. Demographics

We all know how important demographics is in marketing, and in digital, it’s no different. With such a large reach on Facebook, it’s crucial that you know who you need to reach and how.

  • Age & gender – Data shows that women tend to adopt Facebook more frequently than men and the core age group is 18-29. With many older users also on Facebook, you have a much broader age band than other networks.
  • Location & Income – Facebook’s demographics spread across all primary locations and income pretty evenly. However, urban and rural areas both have 81% of their demographics on Facebook, while suburban areas make up 77%.
  • As for income, data shows the highest amount of Facebook users (84%) make less than $30,000, while 77% make more than $75,000.

3. Diversify your content

With so many content types to choose from, your content strategy has endless opportunity. You can choose from Facebook stories, Facebook Live, images and video posts to cover the most ground possible and engage your audience. Remember to only put out high-quality content and avoid being overly promotional as it can have its downside. The content you shoot out should be compelling, entertaining, or helpful to your audience.

4. Enable your entire workforce to use Facebook

Social media works as a great resource for employee advocacy. By providing employees with shareable content, you are able to reach their audiences. This makes your company’s reach greater when you can get content shared through your employees’ feeds.

5. Track & Analyze

Last but not least, a successful Facebook marketing strategy needs to be analyzed–strenuously. If you can’t track it, you can’t measure it so, make sure you’re looking into your data on a weekly basis. Make sure you’ve got the Facebook pixel installed on your website. This way, you’ll be able to record conversions, optimize & re-target users that have already been on your site


These seven steps should help you navigate Facebook marketing and identify the strategy that works best for your brand. In short, when you’re looking to get started with a Facebook strategy, you’ll want to

  • Study your Facebook audience demographics
  • Choose your types of Facebook content and schedule them for posting
  • Determine your Facebook Ads strategy and drive brand awareness
  • Engage your audience immediately, including identifying the best times to post
  • Enable your entire workforce to use Facebook and become brand advocates
  • Track and analyze your Facebook Marketing strategy to discover what worked and what didn’t

Let us know if these tips help you & feel free to let us know what you do on Facebook to be successful.

Luis Molina
Partner Consultant

Killin' it since 1991. I'm a digital marketing consultant with years of experience in the field specializing in Google Ads & Social Media Marketing. I'm also an adrenaline junkie & fitness enthusiast at heart.


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