Step Up Your Sales Efforts

For 2019 with These Tips.

Jan 16, 2019

Now that we are starting this brand new year, you are probably reassessing your company’s performance and thinking of new strategies that you could implement throughout the next 11 months. We are concious that there is always room for improvement.

If you want to focus on growth during this year then you are at the right place. We have put together this article on how to step up your sales efforts. So are you ready to take your company to the next level?


Make a Sales Plan
In order to get started you got to define your priorities. Each priority should be directly tied to revenue generation. This is where you include your established goals,


Cold Calling:

Find businesses that will benefit from your products and services. Even though Cold Calling is not the most enjoyable job, it is an effective method for sales prospecting. Your cold calling agent must remember to be confident, build rapport, explain how your services will benefit their businesses and keep track of all communication.

Social Selling:
Think of how many people are now using social media. This is a marketplace that is only growing and you got to take advantage of that! Your sales strategy could include a social media strategy to prospect clients. Facebook Campaigns are a great way to generate leads!

Email Prospecting:
The email that you draft could create a good lasting impression on the client.

Here are a few tips for your email efforts:

  • Grab attention with a good subject line
  • Provide important content
  • Personalize the email
  • Show past result
  • Keep it short

Join Niche Groups
There are many groups for almost everything on Facebook. Find that group that suits your niche and join! Apart from Facebook, you can also use LinkedIn.

Word of mouth is the best marketing you could have. Happy customers give you the possibility of selling more services because they are a great source of referrals. You can work on a good referral program to motivate your customers to refer other potential clients.

Digital Lead Generation Campaigns
What is the first place you look for when searching for a product or service? Google right? So you could consider starting a campaign to get more customers and website visitors. Put your message in front of those searching for you.


Value Based Selling Strategy
Every time you talk to a potential client you got to make sure you are providing value to them. Create a good plan for this. Value-based marketing is an appeal to a customer’s values and ethics. It shits marketing from a product-centered approach to a customer-centered one.

Give your clients insights on your products or services. Get their interest to know more and buy more. Buyers don’t only look for your service but they also want your ideas and insights. That will also create value and loyalty for them. This is a strategy that establishes credibility and trust with your customers. Today’s customers won’t do business with people they don’t trust.

Superior Level of Service
The decision of the customer to return to do business with you will often be influenced by the memory of the positive experience they may have had in the past. This might get you regular customers.



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