Marketing For Chiropractors, Part 2: How To Improve Your SEO

February 22, 2021

In our previous blog, we showed chiropractors how to get new patients with Facebook Ads. Now we’ll cover another crucial aspect of your marketing strategy: search engine optimization. SEO can positively affect your brand awareness and your website’s conversion rate. Let’s explore a few methods to improve your SEO and get more visitors to your website — and your practice.

Optimize Your Website

The primary goal of SEO is to optimize your website, so it can rank higher, appear in organic searches, and convert more visitors into patients. Here are a few ways to improve your site as a chiropractor.

Keep NAP data consistent

Patients can’t hire you if they don’t know how to find you. Keep NAP data (name, address, and phone number) consistent and uo-to-date on your site. Also, post it on the footer of each page as part of the structure of your website. This way, your patients always have accurate information readily available when they visit your site.

Add elements of trust

If you have any certifications, reviews, or a link to trusted sites/companies in which your practice is mentioned/featured, add these to your site. Consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and they’ll be more likely to call you if they see these elements on your site.

Add a blog

Give visitors useful, trustworthy, and engaging information about chiropractors and their methods and benefits through your site. An easy way to do this is by adding a blog to your site to keep patients informed of changes to the practice, answer their most common questions, and more.

Blogs are also a great way to rank on search engines and attract visitors when they ask questions on Google. Even if they don’t know your practice, they’ll find an answer to their question and learn about you.

Focus on Local

Local searches are a huge part of SEO, and you will most likely find a good number of potential patients located near your office. To engage patients near your practice, try these methods.

Optimize your Google My Business profile

Even if you’re not ranking #1, you have the opportunity to show up as the first result: Google might show your Google My Business profile to searchers, suggesting you as a nearby chiropractor.

To increase your chances of appearing, optimize your Google My Business profile by:

  1. Claiming it
  2. Adding relevant and up-to-date information, including phone number, directions, etc
  3. Answering reviews
  4. Adding posts and photos

With this information, not only will Google bring up your profile, but potential patients will be able to contact you easily and quickly.

Focus your keywords on “near me” searches

Potential patients are probably using keywords like “chiropractor near me” to search on Google. To target them, create service pages that use these keywords and that are specifically directed to your city or town. You can also mention your location in your website in general.

Go Beyond SEO

Add PPC and FB ads

Other digital marketing strategies can boost your SEO and give you more immediate results while you work on SEO. Try to have a holistic approach and combine digital marketing efforts, such as SEO + PPC + FB ads. This will provide more ROI than just one strategy alone.

Respond to all reviews on social media

As we said before, people listen to reviews. Respond to both good and bad reviews on your Facebook page, Google My Business profile, and other social media. This puts forth a good image of your practice and encourages reviews.

Let A Specialist Handle It

At Hite Digital, our SEO specialists put together a strategy specifically designed for chiropractors and their websites. Through on-site optimization, content creation, Google My Business, linking strategies, and more, we make sure your organic online presence grows and gets you more patients.


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