5 Tips to help your agency land new PPC clients. 

This is a question that many developing agencies may often ask themselves. “How can I acquire more PPC clients?.”

We are here to help you with our expertise.

These are our top 5 tips on how to help your agency land new PPC clients. 


Cross-selling to Current Clients

Many may want to focus on new clients seeking for PPC services but, why not start with your current clients who are not using PPC? This might sound a little obvious but it is also ignored by many. Analyze the clients that you believe could use PPC and introduce them to the PPC strategies that they could use.

Strategic Partnerships

Create partnerships with complementary companies and services. This will help you land more PPC business from referrals.

A good idea would be to partner up with companies that offer only one digital marketing service such as only SEO. This can create win-win business relationships.

Linked In 


Many businesses nowadays are growing in this one single platform. There are a few ways to get leads in this platform. This can be by reaching out directly to prospects and get a response (outbound), or by writing posts frequently to get inbound leads.

A few steps that you can implement:

  1. Connect with people in your target audience
  2. Send them a connection message
  3. After connecting send a follow-up message
  4. Post regularly on your LinkedIn profile.
  5. Join groups

Lead scraping

Another recommendation would be to find a niche and location you would like to target. This will allow you to do a google search and find leads. Locate the ones that are already implementing a PPC campaign and offer them an audit. A good business relationship could result from this.

Prepare for Common Objections

Some common objections from leads include “My SEO is good enough!”, “PPC is too expensive”, “Low conversion rate, not worth it”, and others. You have to be prepared for this objections with data that backs up your position.

“My SEO is good enough”: Most business can’t depend on only organic search as a lead source. PPC can increment traffic on top of your SEO.

“It’s too expensive”: Help your lead understand the worth of PPC efforts. Plus, show them that with a good PPC strategist, you can find ways to only pay for the clicks most likely to convert  which is key to getting strong return on your investment.

“Low conversion rate”- There could be many reasons why a PPC campaign does not convert. This can include not tracking conversion properly, poor offer, and landing page problems.

All of these issues can be addressed and can turn a PPC campaign into a lead generation, high conversion machine!

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