3 Key Elements

To Form Optimization

Jun 20, 2019

Lead generation forms are an important piece of the conversion strategy. They are often tied to final conversion. This is why they usually play an important role in guiding users through the conversion funnel. These are the three elements we have found to be important for forms:

Layout of the Form

The order and amount of information that you ask users for matters. When asking for information, you should consider:

Ask for information in a way that will make sense and be familiar to users. It is important that you start by asking the less sensitive questions and walk your way through to more sensitive questions such as banking information which users can be more hesitant to fill out. It might also be helpful to provide additional information on why you need certain information. This is help users trusts you more.

Help Text

Help text will help users where mistakes are made. This can ensure than the users finish the form completion. If this is not done well, users might abandon the form.


CTA’s are always important in absolutely any stage of the funnel. Their design can make a great impact on the way that users react to them. Read about how to create flawless CTA buttons here. Remember that users are not willing to exchange their personal information easily. You must do this by providing something of value to them. These are the elements you should consider when designing your call-to-action.

Have an obvious CTA – Make sure your CTA is a big button easy for users to find and click. Also, try to stick to only 1 CTA button that way you remove any distractions from the action you want to trigger.

You CTA must clearly identify the next steps of the buyer journey. Every time you consider optimizing a form, make sure you go through these 3 aspects. These might help you increase your form conversion rate.


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