How to Sell a Website As A Digital Marketing Service

Sept 21, 2020

Websites are a fundamental element of digital marketing. Companies should strive to have professional and authoritative sites that portray what their brand is about. Not only is it the first point of contact with your client’s current and potential customers, but it’s the foundation of every aspect of a digital marketing strategy.

Digital marketing efforts such as every piece of content and advertising you put out there will drive consumers back to your websites. Therefore, you must ensure that websites are optimally designed to obtain conversions. 

Websites Are The Backbone Of Digital Marketing Efforts

Web Design focuses greatly on content, layout, graphics, and much more. Many sometimes forget that marketing efforts should be consistent, have a purpose, and provide an excellent user experience to reach business goals. Here is how digital marketing efforts and websites work together.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO’s goal is to improve the client’s websites and improve SERP ranking. This is done so that visitors can seamlessly navigate through the site without noticing all the effort you’ve put in SEO and web design. Here are some of the ways SEO and web design work together to achieve the best results. 

Content/Design Layout:

If you’re working on improving your SEO efforts, content is something you spend a large portion of your time on. The way this content is presented can significantly impact whether or not your user stays on your site. Web design helps with the design and distribution of content to ensure that it’s easy to read, find what visitors are looking for, and serve a purpose on the site.

Website Speed:

Website speed is one of the key elements of technical SEO and the main problem for many websites. If your rankings are suffering, it could be due to a slow website for users and Google. Some ways to increase speed is by optimizing images, deleting unused plugins, and more. Overall, web design can help you improve your speed because the page’s design has a lot to do with it. 

Mobile Friendliness:

Having a mobile-friendly website is crucial for web design and SEO. Depending on how mobile-friendly your site is, it influences your ranking. More than half of the traffic on websites is coming from mobile devices. Working with web designers to achieve a mobile-friendly website for SEO can make or break your standing with customers. 

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

PPC and web design work together to generate traffic and get leads for your success. The way a site looks matters, but so does its performance. If you’re getting more traffic on your site with PPC campaigns, but the site is too difficult to navigate, visitors could never return. 

How Web Design And PPC Work Together

  • Websites must be optimized for visitors when they visit due to a PPC Ad
  • Website Responsiveness is crucial
  • Page Speed/bounce rate
  • Improving Aesthetics plays an important role in enhancing PPC campaigns and for generating conversions

When your site stands out, it helps in boosting your PPC and increasing conversion rate. Both PPC and web design go hand in hand for your business’ marketing efforts. 

Social Media 

Having a website and being on social media is part of many businesses’ strategies, but how can they work together? It is no surprise that both efforts aim to generate engagement, build awareness, and drive conversions, but here are a few ways that both social media and website work together smoothly. 

Showcase Your Social Media and Site On Both Platforms:

When you link your site in your social media accounts, you can generate more traffic. The same goes for including your social media links on your website and blogs; you’ll be able to build more trust and authority for your brand. 

Actively Share On Social Media To Advertise Your Site:

Ensure that you’re regularly sharing content from your website on your social media channels. You’ll be able to educate them on your business and have them go to your site and explore more. This is a form of engagement. Your site has to be updated regularly and provide the best performance for all visitors coming from social media. 

How Offering These Services Benefits Your Agency

Suppose your digital marketing agency offers web design services in addition to SEO, PPC, and social media. In that case, your client won’t have to go anywhere else to find professional web designers. Being in control of the entire process from websites, PPC campaigns, SEO, and more will allow you to get a better grasp of how well your strategy is performing.

Web Design Service Benefits:

  • Lay out a strategic plan for a digital marketing campaign 
  • High-quality web design your clients won’t pass on
  • SEO is made a lot easier for you
  • Responsive and reliable designs that you know will work
  • You’ll save time

Offering website services will not only benefit your agency but your clients as well. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to perform a better overall job in digital marketing. 

At Hite Digital, we provide white label services, including SEO, PPC, Web Design, and Facebook Ads. If you don’t offer website services, we do, and we can work with you to provide your client what they need. We want to help your agency grow and leverage your strengths and empower clients. 


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