How To Capture More Clients In Tax Return Season

March 23, 2021

When tax season is just around the corner, everyone tries to find ways to get their taxes sorted out. Although many have opted for DIY tax preparation over the past few years, nothing compares to having professionals ensure everything is in order and up to standards.

If you want to capture new tax clients during this season, here are 5 ways to do so while they’re already seeking your services. 

1. Hire An Expert

Tax preparers have a lot on their plate during this season. It would be best to work with an expert to save you time and money while helping you capture new clients. Experts will know how to target the right potential clients and establish long-term relationships rather than just a one-time service. 

When you hire an expert, you will fully devote your time to prepare your clients’ taxes rather than worry about marketing tax services. Catering to each client’s needs not only helps you stand out from competitors but will build credibility and trust.

2. Improve Your Firm’s Reputation With SEO Services

When someone needs help with taxes and doesn’t have an accountant, their first search is online. They might go to Google and search something like “accountants for tax returns.” For your page to be one of the top results, you’ll need search engine optimization services.

Taxes are a sensitive matter, and clients want to work with professionals that provide insights on tax as well as secure access to the data they provide. When SEO is done correctly, your site can obtain more visibility as well as generate conversions organically. 

3. Invest On Paid Facebook Ads

While organic posts are seen by those who already follow you, paid Facebook Ads will elevate any tax season campaigns. These ads allow you to reach people already interested in your services. This is a great way to provide information for potential clients and have them provide contact information. 

4. Create Insightful Content

Creating relevant content that will interest potential clients is crucial for conversions and on-site actions. During tax season, people are constantly looking for relevant information. If you include the right keywords and topics, you might be able to secure new tax clients. 

5. Ask For Client Reviews and Make Them Available

As previously mentioned, any tax-related information is sensitive and requires attention to detail and professionalism. Potential clients will take the time to go online and see what your previous clients have to see about your work. It’s important to include reviews as they may be the determining factor for acquiring new clients.

Capture New Tax Clients This Season and Long-Term

By following these 5 ways to capture new tax clients, you will start seeing positive results in no time. At Hite Digital, we can help you not only capture clients but establish long-lasting relationships. We will also guide you and implement strategies that will yield results over the long run. Get in touch with us this tax season and those to come. 


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