COVID-19 in California: Affected Businesses in Orange County

COVID-19 in California: Affected Businesses in Orange County

Aug 17, 2020

Although many businesses are already open to the public, we’re still living uncertain times. COVID-19 positive cases keep growing in Orange County; as of August 3rd, there have been approximately 37,831 confirmed cases.

COVID-19 Affected Businesses in Orange County

Note: The number of jobs reflects the 2019 annual average of non-seasonally-adjusted monthly employment data. Source: Budget Center analysis of the Employment Development Department Data.

And as predicted, numerous businesses are being affected by the pandemic. According to the California Budget & Policy Center, the following industries would be most affected by COVID-19:

There have been exemptions in the transportation and warehousing industries. Due to online shopping, there’s been an increase in demand for jobs. Within the Retail Trade, pharmacies and medical have also had a rise and haven’t been negatively impacted by the economic shutdown.

If you own a business in Orange County that has been affected by COVID-19, the U.S. Small Business Administration is still accepting new applications for economic injury disaster loans. As well as different other funding options that can help you overcome the challenges this health crisis is causing.

A Shed of Light During Difficult Times

As more businesses reopen, it’s time for you to re-focus. Orange County residents are now more informed about the virus and more open to going out while still following social distancing guidelines.

Those businesses that have survived the economic shutdown can be left behind if they don’t look into investing options and get better prepared for when everything comes back to normal. There’s still a shed of light during this difficult time; regardless of your industry, there’s room for improvement and growth.

Invest in Marketing

Marketing is one of the areas most business owners look into cutting down during an economic crisis; this generates a positive outcome for businesses with long-term marketing strategies like SEO. As competition decreases and people continue searching and shopping online, it’s ideal for focusing on your brand and building an online presence.

Even in PPC, by having fewer people advertising, costs tend to decrease. For instance, CPM and cost per click are lower now for almost every industry. We suggest you look into Google trends to understand the search spikes during this period better.

How SEO Can Help Your Business

By focusing on optimizing your site and having an SEO strategy, you’ll be helping your business now and in the future. Yes, in the beginning, you won’t see immediate results like with paid advertising. But just like when you start building a house, SEO will provide you with a strong foundation.

As a general rule, it’s estimated that a good SEO strategy can start showing progress in around two or three months.

SEO will bring your business long-term benefits despite COVID-19. By building your brand, you’ll be able to generate more trust, and when the pandemic is over, you’ll get more qualified customers. Take your time to engage with your potential clients; you can be creative, make videos, informative blog posts. We guarantee your clients will appreciate it.

Hite Digital Is Here For You

At Hite Digital, we’ve also had losses from the pandemic; however, we are fortunate for having a strong team committed to helping businesses grow and look for different solutions to overcome the economic shutdown.

We invite you to contact one of our digital marketing specialists to study your options and find out how we can help your business in Orange County.



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